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Building a Data University with DataCamp [Infographic]

Upskill existing employees with DataCamp is an affordable way to ensure your team stays ahead of the curve in advanced analytics and data science.
Jul 2017  · 2 min read

Companies in every industry and across every vertical are learning how to adapt to a changing landscape when it comes to data science and the emergence of new trends that continue to impact their business. In an effort to prepare their teams and unlock internal efficiencies, many companies are building internal training programs specifically focused on data science and advanced analytics. 

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Deploying data science training across the organization can be challenging (and very expensive). At DataCamp, we have built an affordable, scalable platform to address this challenge which includes 400+ hours of data science focused content taught by best-in-class instructors, group training features, reporting capabilities, custom course creation tools, daily practice challenges, a robust community, and much more! Your colleagues will learn at their own pace from the comfort of their browser with personalized, real time feedback on every exercise submission.

In this infographic, we will walk you through six simple steps for building your own data university with DataCamp in less than one hour.

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You can learn more about DataCamp for Business here. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. Tell us how you scale data science education in your organization!

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