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Celebrating the Winning Groups of our DataCamp Donates Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the DataCamp Donates Portfolio challenge!
May 2024  · 3 min read

The Challenge

DataCamp Group Portfolios Challenge is a competition for nonprofit DataCamp Donates partner organizations. The goal is to encourage their scholars and admins to showcase their data skills by crafting and sharing their DataCamp Portfolios.

Over 25 DataCamp Donates Partner organizations were invited to participate.

Across several weeks, Donates Admins were tasked with collecting the top portfolios from their groups. Group members then had to share their portfolios on LinkedIn, tag @DataCamp, and use the #DataCampPortfolioChallenge in the caption.

Not only do we learn best by doing, but employers need to see applications alongside proof of learning. Portfolios are a fantastic way to encourage deeper application and inspire learners to test their skills with more complex projects—helping accelerate journeys to professional data practitioners.

Encouraging portfolio-building projects within the Donates community was a no-brainer to help set learners up for professional success.

A massive congrats to all those who participated, and the winners featured below!

The Winners

Org: Gaza Sky Geeks

Top portfolio: Tarteel Natshesh, Palestine Polytechnic University

Gaza Sky Geeks.png

Gaza Sky Geeks is a program of Mercy Corps, a leading global humanitarian agency working on some of the world's toughest challenges. Having lost their office in Gaza, they have since shifted operations to the West Bank. Consisting mainly of university students, they provide a range of tech-based courses and mentorship to foster innovation and economic growth within Palestine.

I greatly enjoyed working on this challenge with all the participants. It encourages students to participate and learn more on DataCamp. I want to express my deepest gratitude to DataCamp—we are honored to have our hard work and dedication recognized in such a significant way.

Leyan ZahdehGaza Sky Geeks West-bank Tech Program Coordinator, Palestine

Org: FTW Foundation

Top portfolio: Camille Martin, Data Analyst, FTW Foundation, Manila

FTW Foundation.png

A long-standing Donates partner from 2020, FTW Foundation’s mission is to empower Filippino women with free data science and technology training. The goal is to drive economic growth for underrepresented women through in-demand skill training.

Thank you for this opportunity and all the lessons, portfolio guides, and support throughout the Portfolio Challenge. It's been an incredible experience!

Camile MartinData Analyst and Top Portfolio Winner, Manila

Org: Ingressive for Good

Top portfolio: Aminat Owodunni, Data Science Intern, Informatics Research Labs, Nigeria


Ingressive for Good is the largest DataCamp Donates partnership. They have successfully distributed and managed a third of all DataCamp Donates scholarships and contributed the most entries to this challenge! Their mission is simple; increase the earning power of over one million young Africans through tech skills, community, jobs, and opportunities.

Many thanks to DataCamp for organizing this challenge. It was an amazing opportunity to get our community members to prepare for the job market. I applaud the DataCamp team for this initiative. We are thrilled to have our hard work and dedication acknowledged in such a meaningful way.

Adedolapo LawalPrograms Coordinator

Org: Code to Inspire

Top portfolio: Morsal Paiman, Student, Code to Sinpire, Afghanistan

Code to inspire.png

Code to Inspire empowers Afghani women with essential coding skills. After losing in-person education, this organization is a lifeline to young women seeking education online. It’s a privilege to help such a vital cause with free DataCamp access and the talent level on offer continues to inspire us.

Thank you for hosting such a great competition. Our students truly enjoyed getting to work on their platforms.

Casey RicklesChief of Staff

We are so excited to have our girls be highlighted. Thanks for your continued support.

Fereshteh ForoughCEO and Founder

Org: Women in Data

Top portfolio: Annet Chebukati, Data Scientist in Training, Women Techssters Fellow, Nairobi, Kenya

Women in data.png

The widest-reaching DataCamp Donates partner, Women in Data is a diverse community that empowers data leaders, practitioners, learners, and data citizens. They are a global community of more than 50,000 people with members in 60+ countries and chapters in 60 cities, seeking to empower the underrepresentation and shift the socioeconomic imbalances prevalent within the data industry.

Our members had a great time participating!

Deni St. LawrenceDirector of Operations

Recap and reflection

A huge thank you to all those who participated. The level and depth of analysis on each portfolio is truly inspiring. Our mission with DataCamp Donates is to continue to empower learners across the world with the tools to gain employable data and AI skills, and we see Portfolios as a vital part of that journey.

Each winner received a donation to their organization, alongside other benefits listed below. Congrats again!

🥇 1st Place

$3,000 Donation to your nonprofit.

6-month coupon codes for the top 50 portfolio creators

🥈 2nd Place

$2,000 Donation to your nonprofit.

6-month coupon codes for the top 10 portfolio creators.

🥉 3rd Place

$1,000 Donation to your nonprofit.

6-month coupon codes for the top 10 portfolio creators.

🎖️ 4th-5th Place

$500 Donation to your nonprofit.

6-month coupon codes for the top 10 portfolio creators.

Everyone can learn Data Scholarship | $5,000 prize, closes May 30

Inspired for another challenge?

The second 'Everyone Can Learn Data' Scholarship from DataCamp is now open for entries.

The challenge tests the coding skills you gained from beginner courses in either Python, R, or SQL. Pair them with the help of AI and your creative thinking skills and win $5,000 for your future data science studies!

The scholarship is open to people who have completed or are completing their secondary education and are preparing to pursue a degree in computer science or data science. Students preparing for graduate-level computer science or data science degrees are also welcome to apply.

Inspired for another challenge?

Everyone can learn Data Scholarship | $5,000 prize, closes June 3

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