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DataCamp Donates Spotlight: Ingressive For Good

A conversation with the executives at Ingressive for Good who are helping us donate DataCamp scholarships to 6,000 Nigerians.
Feb 2021  · 4 min read

We’re so grateful that Felix Ayoola introduced us to Ingressive for Good (I4G). We’re honored to help I4G achieve its mission of training 1 million African youths and connecting 5,000 to jobs.

Can you describe your experience as a DataCamp Donates partner?

Sean Burrowes, Co-founder: I4G reached out to and secured a partnership with DataCamp to provide access to their platform for our community. The process has been great. I'm quite impressed with DataCamp’s high level of involvement. The demand for DataCamp scholarships has outstripped even our most wild estimates. That’s why we’re so grateful that DataCamp is upping their commitment from 1,500 licenses to 6,000. I hope other edtech companies take notice of your company's radical generosity and the seismic positive impact it’s creating.

Blessing Abeng, Director of Communications: It has been amazing. The partnership was seamless. The process was really easy and straightforward.

Haneefah Abdurrahmna Lekki, Program Coordinator: We can easily onboard members and track their learning rate. DataCamp Donates came at the right time for our community, considering many were out of jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of our community members in the tech world needed to upgrade their skills or learn new skills entirely.

What do your community members think of DataCamp?

BA: The majority have been sharing amazing feedback via email and social media. They have been amazing. Most people have been beyond satisfied.

How would you rate their engagement with DataCamp?

HAL: Very good engagement.

BA: Extraordinary, even.

How does DataCamp's mission of democratizing data education fit in with the goals of your organization?

HAL: Data has always been important in tracking our goals and success rate. This fits perfectly well with our goals and objectives.

BA: Yes. We share the belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality education and data skill development for a more secure future. In particular, our goal is to enable young Africans in need with tech skills to help them impact and contribute to the development of Africa, socially and economically. Through our partnership with DataCamp, youths interested in tech now have access to specialized skill and career learning tracks curated by industry experts to help them grow their data skills and take the next big step toward a tech career.

SB: Data is the new oil. This will allow us to position our community of African techies for the future of tech and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How has this partnership benefitted your organization?

SB: It has increased overall engagement and monetizable skill sets within the community.

BA: The partnership helped our community members skill up, and that has in its own way helped us increase the earning power of African youth.

What do you think of the learning experience on DataCamp?

HAL: I enjoy the user interface. It's very easy to navigate.

BA: It is super effective. A lot of our community members have been implementing DataCamp and practicing new skills already. They’ve gained the confidence to pitch themselves for jobs.

How does using DataCamp compare with in-person education?

BA: It is just as effective if you are determined to do the work.

What are the most useful features and tools on DataCamp?

BA: The mobile app is seamless. I love the guided and unguided projects, too.

What is your favorite course so far?

BA: Financial Analytics in Spreadsheets. It’s super interactive.

Would you recommend DataCamp to other NGOs?

HAL: Of course. DataCamp is an amazing platform for global community members to learn and upskill.

BA: Yes. DataCamp is an organization with great people who will go the extra mile to ensure efficient onboarding. Their processes are designed to ensure the success of both organizations.

SB: Yes, I would. The DataCamp team is amazing. They provide the support and passion you need to feel valued. Social impact can be a tough space, and DataCamp Donates definitely made it easier to support those who need it the most!

DataCamp Donates partners with nonprofits, public schools, and governmental agencies to provide a free year of DataCamp to disadvantaged communities. We recently committed to donating 25,000 subscriptions, and many are still available! To apply on behalf of an organization, please email the team at [email protected]. For more information and eligibility requirements, check out our FAQ.

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