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Fundamentals of R: Free course by General Assembly & DataCamp

Karlijn Willems,
March 31, 2015 2 min read
This small tutorial is meant to introduce you to the basics of machine learning in R: it will show you how to use R to work with KNN.

Together with General Assembly, DataCamp created a free set of videos on the fundamentals of R. Discover it now!

In a series of short videos, the team behind DataCamp teaches you about the fundamentals of R, an open-source statistical programming language. Use this course to understand the advantages and disadvantages of R, and discover at the same time how you can take your first steps into the amazing world of data science.

Introduction to R

With the help of real-life case studies from Facebook and OKCupid, you'll see the power of R and understand its advantages. Furthermore, a real time execution of R analysis via a walkthrough screencast is provided so you can start doing your own analysis. Hope you will enjoy it!


  • DataCamp is an online Data Science school using video material and coding challenges to teach data analysis with R. For only $25/month you can start your data-driven career.
  • General Assembly is an education institution that is creating a unique community of learners that spans the globe. Their mission is to transform thinkers into creators through education in technology, business and design.