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Introducing Our New DataCamp Certification Advisory Panel

DataCamp welcomes the members of our first Certification Advisory Panel. The advisors will join us in ensuring our data certifications are reflective of current industry standards.
Sep 2022

Introducing the DataCamp Certification Advisory Panel

DataCamp welcomes the first members to our new Certification Advisory Panel. These individuals were carefully selected for their extensive backgrounds and accomplishments in data-related fields covering both academia and corporate environments. They each bring a wealth of experience as practitioners, educators, and hiring managers and will help ensure DataCamp continues to certify the most relevant data skills needed to succeed in the industry.

The panel will meet the DataCamp Certification team quarterly and advise on best practices, common role expectations, current industry trends, and assessment methods. 

Certification Advisory Panel Members

About DataCamp Certification

Listed as Forbes #1 pick for best data analytics certification, DataCamp offers two career certifications for data analysts and data scientists at two levels, associate and professional. Our associate certification is perfect for individuals just starting out and looking to demonstrate readiness for entry-level data positions. For those with more experience, the professional certifications measure and prove proficiency at the professional level (2+ years of experience).  Our certifications uniquely require each candidate to complete a real-world case study that is personally graded by industry experts - yes, real humans!

Visit the dashboard to get started with DataCamp Certification today.

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