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Introducing our Exclusive Community for DataCamp Certified Learners

DataCamp has launched an exclusive community platform for all learners who have become certified through our certification program to make the most of their newly acquired skills. Get certified today to access this exciting new platform!
May 2022  · 3 min read

DataCamp has launched an exclusive community platform for all learners who have become certified Data Scientists or Data Analysts through our certification program. Alongside access to the Career Services team, these learners now have access to the DC Certified Community, a place to connect with other certified learners, access exclusive content and events, and make the most of their newly acquired skills.

As a member of the DC Certified Community, you’ll get access to: 

  • Exclusive articles and videos created to help certified learners upskill and be successful in their data careers.
  • An exclusive Community Quickfire segment of our DataFramed podcast.
  • Invite-only events with industry leaders. 
  • The ability to connect with other certified users to share work, talk about all things data, and support each other. 
  • And more!

The DC Certified Community is designed to bring DataCamp certified learners together from around the world, providing exclusive content to stay at the forefront of the data industry and be better prepared for their careers. It will also enable them to share their wins, ask questions, and support each other to make the most of their certification to become (even more) successful data professionals that are unrivalled in the job market. All DataCamp Learners who have successfully completed one of DataCamp’s Certification programs will get free, lifetime access to the DC Certified Community. If you’ve already completed one of our certifications, you can request exclusive access to the community here


New to our certification programs and curious to learn more? Our DataCamp certifications are a great way for you to set yourself apart and prove your skills are job-ready. Click here to learn more about certification, and see if you’re ready to take the next step in your data career! 


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