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Supporting Teachers and Students with Online Education in Data Science and Analytics

If your school or university has closed, we’re here to help. Sign up for DataCamp for the Classroom and get access to our 325+ courses for free.
Mar 2020  · 2 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic and corresponding health crisis has upended the world. Like many, we want to contribute as best we can to create some order out of the chaos. Since we are in the data education space, we’d like to help the many professors and students who have been affected by unprecedented school closures across secondary and higher education institutions. Since the end of 2016, our academic program, DataCamp for the Classroom, has provided data science and analytics educators across the globe with free access to all DataCamp content—a growing library of 325+ courses in Python, R, SQL, and other technologies. Through the program, educators can add unlimited students to their academic group and access our class management features. So far, we have helped over 200,000 students and teachers from 180 countries build data skills. If you teach a class in any data-related discipline, I invite you to apply for DataCamp for the Classroom. We’ll provide you with the support you need to get up and running in your own DataCamp learning environment. I hope you will find value in our learn-by-doing approach to help your students build their skills and become data-fluent. While this is a scary time for many, we remain committed to our mission of democratizing data science and analytics education around the world. Join us—sign up for DataCamp for the Classroom.

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