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Your Top Resources Roundup: May 2022 💡

Your monthly roundup of the best new DataCamp resources, including a Microsoft Power BI partnership, a smarter way to hire, and your Q2 product roadmap!
May 2022  · 2 min read

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Welcome to your monthly roundup of new training, events, and best-practice resources. Dive in, share these updates with your team, and upskill your workforce.

Introducing DataCamp Recruit

Are you or your colleagues struggling to hire data talent? Well, things just got a whole lot easier. With DataCamp Recruit you get access to thousands of job-ready data professionals, with the skills you need.

> Find your next hire

DataCamp Recruit -Easily see a candidate’s experience with the data science skill matrix.

Upcoming events

Join our webinars and live training sessions.

Q2 Content and Product Webinar
Watch on-demand
Implementing Power BI: Best Practice & Disasters to Avoid
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Hire Data Talent Faster with DataCamp Recruit
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New training

Upskill your team in the latest Power BI track for data analysts, created in partnership with Microsoft. From introductions for Power BI beginners, to DAX, and data modeling—it's all there. We can't wait to see what your team learns next.

Data Analyst in Power BI in partnership with Microsoft
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Case Study: Analyzing Job Market Data in Power BI
Learn more
Case Study: Analyzing Job Market Data in Power BI
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Best practice resources

The expertise you need to level up your workforce.

5 Best Practices for Building Data Skills Academies
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Building Data Literacy at Starbucks 
Listen to the podcast now
Essex County Council: Using data for social good
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DataCamp for Business

Find out why 80% of the fortune 1000 choose DataCamp.

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How to Write a Data Analyst Job Description

Discover what a data analyst job description looks like. Explore the different analyst types, a data analyst's responsibilities, and the qualifications and skills required to do the job.
Chloe Lubin's photo

Chloe Lubin

11 min

Why Hire a DataCamp Certified Candidate?

Discover why hiring a DataCamp Certified candidate is a good decision and explore the skillset of the modern data practitioner.
Vicky Kennedy's photo

Vicky Kennedy

4 min

New: Scale Tailored Learning Paths with Our Updated Custom Tracks Editor

Explore new additions to custom tracks, including chapter-level additions, podcasts and cheat sheets in custom tracks, and an improved user interface.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

2 min

How to Create a Data-Driven Culture at Your Organization

Discover our top tips for creating a data culture in your organization and gaining buy-in from the top down. 
Matt Crabtree's photo

Matt Crabtree

9 min

What Does Democratizing Data Mean? Unlocking the Power of Data Cultures

Learn about data democratization, why it matters, and how to achieve it. Explore how it can improve data literacy, empower individuals and businesses, and create a positive social impact.
Matt Crabtree's photo

Matt Crabtree

13 min

Showcasing the Data Portfolio Leaderboard

Discover the top 100 data portfolios on DataCamp. These exceptional individuals have demonstrated their expertise and accomplishments in the world of data science.
Luigi D'Introno's photo

Luigi D'Introno

4 min

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