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Top 2022 Resources to Sharpen your Data Skills

Get access to our top-performing resources from 2022, including webinars, blog posts, white papers, cheat sheets, tutorials, and articles, all designed to help you sharpen your data skills and scale your organization's data culture. Start learning and gro
Dec 2022  · 14 min read

With 2022 nearing its end and our sights set on 2023, we wanted to share the roundup of our favorite content pieces from the year. Whether you're a seasoned data professional looking to stay up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques, a newcomer looking to break into the exciting field of data science, or a leader looking to scale your organization’s data culture, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we'll highlight our top cheat sheets, articles, live trainings, DataFramed episodes, and webinars of 2022. We will also share our top picks for resources on breaking into data, building a data culture, and hiring and retaining data teams. Let’s dive in!

Top 2022 resources to sharpen your data skills

Our top cheat sheets from 2022

  • Pandas Cheat Sheet: Maximize your pandas learning journey with our comprehensive cheat sheet, covering everything from the basics of importing data in pandas to advanced data manipulation functions. 
  • NumPy Cheat Sheet: Take your NumPy learning to the next level with our handy cheat sheet, featuring a wealth of information on array manipulation, indexing, and linear algebra with NumPy
  • Machine Learning Cheat Sheet: In this conceptual cheat sheet, advance your machine learning expertise by learning key algorithms, when to use them, advantages and disadvantages, and more. 
  • Power BI Cheat Sheet: Keep this cheat sheet with you throughout your Power BI learning journey, covering everything from basic visualizations to dashboarding with Power BI
  • SQL Basics Cheat Sheet: Get up to speed on SQL quickly and easily with our handy cheat sheet, covering essential commands, data types, and functions for working with databases
  • Data Visualization Cheat Sheet: Bring your data to life with our comprehensive cheat sheet on data visualization, featuring key visualizations, when to use them, and their common use-cases. 
  • Power BI Dax Cheat Sheet: Unlock the full potential of Power BI with our comprehensive cheat sheet on DAX, the powerful expression language for creating calculated columns and measures in Power BI.
  • Machine Learning with Scikit Learn in Python Cheat Sheet: Master machine learning with Python and Scikit Learn with our comprehensive cheat sheet, featuring key algorithms, techniques, and best practices for building predictive models with Scikit Learn
  • Tableau Cheat Sheet: Sharpen your Tableau skills with our comprehensive cheat sheet, featuring key concepts, best practices, and tips for creating effective visualizations and dashboards with Tableau
  • SQL Joins Cheat Sheet: Strengthen your ability to combine data from multiple tables in SQL with our handy cheat sheet on SQL joins, featuring key concepts, syntax, and examples for inner, left, right, and cross joins with SQL
  • Git Cheat Sheet: Maximize your productivity with Git with our comprehensive cheat sheet, covering the basics of using Git for data science workflows.
  • Descriptive Statistics Cheat Sheet: Gain a conceptual understanding of descriptive statistics with this cheat sheet, covering key concepts, formulas, and examples for summarizing and interpreting data with any tool or framework
  • Data Storytelling Cheat Sheet: Transform your data into compelling narratives with our comprehensive cheat sheet on data storytelling, featuring key concepts, best practices, and tips for crafting effective data stories with any tool or framework
  • Data Cleaning Checklist: Start off data projects with confidence using this comprehensive checklist for data cleaning, featuring key steps and best practices for identifying and resolving issues with your data

Our top articles from 2022

Our top live trainings from 2022

Top 2022 resources for breaking into data

Top 2022 resources for building a data culture 

  • Be Data Literate: The Data Literacy Everyone Needs to Succeed—In this webinar with Jordan Morrow, data literacy pioneer, learn about data literacy and how to be more data-driven as an individual or organization. 
  • Data Literacy: A How-to Guide for Leaders—In this webinar with Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughSpot, we provide an in-depth discussion on how leaders should approach building data literacy and fluency within their workforce. 
  • Building Data Literacy in Federal Agencies—In this webinar, the Chief of the Analytics Community Outreach Branch in the United States Air Force, Bryan Fagan, and the Director of the Digital Workforce program in the US Space Force, Bryan Irish, discuss approaches to building data culture and skills in government agencies and the challenges and opportunities of democratizing data in government
  • Inside CBRE’s Data Literacy Program—In this webinar, Emily Hayward, Data & Digital Change Manager at CBRE, provides an overview of CBRE’s data literacy journey and how they're transforming their workforce to become a people-centric, intelligence-led organization.
  • Avoiding Pitfalls in Data Democratization—In this webinar, Jorge Vasquez, the Director of Analytics at DataCamp, gives an overview of common pitfalls in democratizing data insights and scaling a data culture in organizations.
  • Data Skills to Future-Proof Your Organization—In this webinar, ICT SkillNet's Anthony McCauley discusses how they're training the next generation of data and AI leaders in Ireland and how your organization can stay competitive in the AI marketplace.
  • Democratizing Data with Power BI—In this webinar, join DataCamp Power BI instructors on how Power BI can accelerate an organization's data culture, best practices for using Power BI, and the Data Analyst in Power BI career track on DataCamp.
  • Case Study: How Allianz Upskilled 6,000+ Employees with DataCamp—In this case study, learn how Allianz successfully upskilled over 6,000 employees worldwide and leveraged personalized learning with custom DataCamp projects.
  • How to Create a Data Storytelling Culture—In this session, data storytelling expert and author Brent Dykes, outlines how data storytelling can help your organization create a data culture and improve its data literacy.
  • How Salesforce Created a High-Impact Data Science Organization—In this DataFramed episode, Anjali Samani, VP of Data Science at Salesforce, discusses how to create a high-impact data science function.
  • Successful Frameworks for Scaling Data Maturity—In this DataFramed episode, Games Kesari, CEO of Gramener, breaks down how organizations can scale the data maturity curve and become data-driven.
  • Building Data Literacy at Starbucks— In this DataFramed episode, Megan Brown, Director of Data Literacy and Knowledge Management at Starbucks, discusses what they have done to forge data culture and data literacy at Starbucks.
  • Building a Holistic Data Science Function at New York Life Insurance—In this DataFramed episode, Glenn Hofmann, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at New York Life Insurance, discusses how he built a 50-person data science and AI function, how they utilize skillsets to offer different career paths for data scientists, and much more.

Top 2022 resources for hiring & retaining data teams 

2022 has proven to be an incredible year of data. We hope with this roundup, you have the confidence to enter the new year with more knowledge and resources than ever. For more ways to sharpen your skills and data knowledge, check out the following materials:



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