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Case Study: Analyzing Job Market Data in Power BI

Help a fictional company in this interactive Power BI case study. You’ll use Power Query, DAX, and dashboards to identify the most in-demand data jobs!

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Course Description

In this Power BI case study, you’ll explore a real-world job posting dataset to uncover insights for a fictional recruitment company called DataSearch. Using what you’ve learned from previous courses, you’ll use Power Query to investigate and clean the data to find out what skills are most in-demand for data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers. You’ll then use DAX to build insightful visualizations of your findings. Finally, you’ll bring it all together using everything Power BI has to offer to create a business dashboard so that you can answer questions for the DataSearch team.

  1. 1

    Exploratory Analysis


    You'll start this Power BI case study by importing and cleaning the job posting dataset using Power Query. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some initial data exploration.

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    Job market analysis with Power BI
    50 xp
    EDA questions to ask
    100 xp
    Data import with Power Query
    100 xp
    Initial EDA with Power Query
    100 xp
    Job posting trend analysis
    100 xp
    Data cleanup of job titles
    100 xp
    Effect of years experience on salary
    100 xp
    Trends found with EDA
    100 xp
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    Analyzing Market Trends

    The DataSearch team still needs answers. Luckily, they have you on their team! In this chapter, you’ll continue to apply your Power BI skills to extract data insights with tools like DAX and begin to build unique data visualizations.

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  3. 3

    Dashboard Build

    It’s almost time to hand over the final deliverable. In this final chapter, you’ll combine all of the job listing insights you’ve discovered into an interactive Power BI dashboard for the DataSearch team.

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