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Introduction to Data Privacy

Gain a clear understanding of data privacy principles and how to implement privacy and security processes.

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Course Description

Learn the Basics of Data Privacy

What is data privacy, why is it so important, and how does it impact you daily? Answer all these questions and more in this course, introducing you to the basics of data privacy.

Discover Why Data Privacy Matters

This non-technical course focuses on providing a solid foundation of privacy principles and relating them with other critical concepts within the interconnected data landscape. You’ll start by looking at the relationship between security, privacy, and data and why they matter in the modern world.

Learn Aboud Data Privacy Tools and Processes

In chapter 2, you’ll then learn about the tools, processes, and frameworks that should form a strong privacy strategy. As well as Privacy by Design, you’ll explore the importance of data classification, and the components of data lifecycle management.

Explore Data Privacy Laws

The final chapter of this course will explore the different privacy laws and how they affect data use in companies.

Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn about the importance of privacy by design and additional privacy topics. Data privacy is essential to everyone. Start leveling up your data privacy skills and uncover a new way to look at the data around you.
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    Privacy Foundations


    In this chapter, you'll learn the foundations of security and privacy, why they are important, and how they are related to one another within data privacy concepts.

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    Preach shopping scenario
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    Focusing on data privacy
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    Understanding privacy responsibilities
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    Breaking down the triad
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    CIA Triad concept match
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    Security models three truths and a lie
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    The relationship between Security and Privacy
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    Privacy and security incident
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    Analyzing key themes within Security and Privacy
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Technical Privacy Manager @ Meta

Tiffany Lewis is a senior privacy manager at Meta. Prior to working at Meta, she worked at Google as a Cloud Security Architect, specializing in compliance. She has experience creating and implementing large-scale privacy and security solutions for cloud environments. She is an advocate for making tech more accessible and increasing representation within the industry. Oh, and dogs. She loves all the dogs.
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