Learn Azure from scratch with DataCamp

Unlock the endless possibilities of cloud computing through Microsoft Azure. In partnership with Microsoft, your team can go from zero experience to earning an official certification and leveraging the power of cloud computing on a daily basis.

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Azure and Datacamp
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Pass the AZ-900 Certification

The track is built in collaboration with Microsoft to pass the official AZ-900 Microsoft Fundamentals Certification. It measures your knowledge of cloud concepts and Azure Architectural components such as computing, networking, and storage. Finally, it tests your ability to secure, govern, and administer Azure.

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Learn Azure with DataCamp

Upskill your organization with Azure

Regardless of skill level, tailor your L&D plan to enable all employees to start using and benefiting from Azure’s cloud platform.

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Complete the Azure fundamentals track

Go from zero experience to mastering Azure’s core capabilities through a structured, interactive learning path.

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Get certified with the AZ-900 certification

Validate new skills with an industry-leading certification. Drive team confidence, retention, and prove the ROI of your upskilling program. Get 50% off the certification when completing the track.

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Datacamp with Azure

Start your Azure cloud journey

After completing the track, you’ll be ready to pass the AZ-900 Certification exam. Without coding, you will learn how to set up resources in Azure, like storage accounts, virtual machines, and containers. You’ll prove you have a solid understanding of cloud concepts and are prepared to take the next step in your cloud journey.

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What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform with an extensive collection of IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services. The user-friendly platform enables businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of data centers, with the flexibility and efficiency to scale on demand.

Learn through interactive content

Courses are supported by interactive Azure exercises that allow your team to apply their new skills while being guided by expert instructors. This learning approach builds confidence by applying new knowledge and skills immediately. Best of all, you don’t need to sign up for Azure to get your hands dirty!

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Do I need to pay for an Azure licence on top of a Teams/Enterprise DataCamp subscription?

No. Azure is included for everyone who has a Teams/Enterprise subscription. Everyone who has access to DataCamp, will be able to take the courses and prepare to become AZ-900 Certified.

What do I need to do to get the Certification discount?

The discount is attributed to everyone that completes the track. More information on how to redeem it can be found here.

Do I need to know how to code to take the Fundamentals track?

No you don’t! The Azure Fundamentals track is aimed at anyone who is interested in the cloud. There is no coding knowledge required to complete this track.

How does active learning help to build data skills?

Active learning builds skills faster and more confidently. It engages learners in deeper learning, allowing them to apply and transfer their knowledge more effectively. It also promotes higher order thinking skills such as analysis.

What are the benefits of active learning?

Active learning has been shown to engage learners more with the course material, build confidence in applying new knowledge and skills, and promote higher learning retention. According to Dale’s Cone of Experience, ‘learning by doing’ or active learning helps learners to retain at least 90% of the learning materials within a course. It also increases both engagement and learners’ motivation to learn through more active participation.