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Importing & Cleaning Data with Python

Understanding how to prep your data is an essential skill for working in Python. It’s what you have to do before you can reveal the insights that matter. In this track, you’ll learn how to import your data from a variety of sources, including .csv, .xls, text files, and more. After learning how to import your data it’s time to prepare your data for analysis. You’ll work with real-world data such as restaurant reviews as you learn how to handle improper data types, deal with missing data, and perform record linkage. You’ll then learn how you can leverage the Tweepy package to access Twitter’s API to scrape the web for data. Start this track and gain the data prepping skills you need to clean your dirty data.

  • Python
  • 17 hours
  • 5 courses
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Introduction to Importing Data in Python

Learn to import data into Python from various sources, such as Excel, SQL, SAS and right from the web.

3 hours
Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Data Scientist at DataCamp


Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Data Scientist at DataCamp

Adel Nehme

Content Developer @ DataCamp

Amany Mahfouz

Data scientist via spatial analytics and geography.

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