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Data Science Tutorials

Develop your data science skills with tutorials in our blog. We cover everything from intricate data visualizations in Tableau to version control features in Git.
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Python Switch Case Statement: A Beginner's Guide

Explore Python's match-case: a guide on its syntax, applications in data science, ML, and a comparative analysis with traditional switch-case.

Matt Crabtree

January 30, 2024


A Guide to Python Hashmaps

Discover what hashmaps are and how they are implemented in Python through dictionaries.
Javier Canales Luna's photo

Javier Canales Luna

January 23, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Introducing Google Gemini API: Discover the Power of the New Gemini AI Models

Learn how to use Gemini Python API and its various functions to build AI-enabled applications for free.
Abid Ali Awan's photo

Abid Ali Awan

January 23, 2024

Data Analysis

Alteryx Tutorial: A Comprehensive Hands-On Guide for Data Analytics

Dive into our detailed Alteryx tutorial and learn how this powerful data analytics tool can transform your data handling experience. This guide covers everything from installation to advanced workflow automation in Alteryx, making it the perfect resource for beginners and seasoned data professionals alike.
Kurtis Pykes 's photo

Kurtis Pykes

January 16, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mastering Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA): Enhancing Large Language Models for Efficient Adaptation

Explore the groundbreaking technique of Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA) in our full guide. Discover how LoRA revolutionizes the fine-tuning of Large Language Models.
Moez Ali's photo

Moez Ali

January 16, 2024


How to Send Slack Messages with Python

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to integrate Slack with Python, and unlock the ability to automatically send Slack messages that drive insight!
Filip Schouwenaars's photo

Filip Schouwenaars

January 12, 2024

Data Engineering

dbt Tutorial: 7 Must-Know Concepts For Data Engineers

Learn the 7 most important concepts around dbt - the favorite tool of modern data engineers.
Bex Tuychiev's photo

Bex Tuychiev

January 11, 2024