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Hear all about how our data science learners upskilled their teams, learned new skills, & grew their careers using DataCamp's courses & certifications.
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Learner Stories

How DataCamp Empowered Mohammed's Journey from Theory to Application As a Risk Analyst in Finance

Learn how Mohammed used DataCamp to overcome his lack of confidence in applying SQL and Python to real-world tasks in Finance.
Alena Guzharina's photo

Alena Guzharina

June 26, 2023

Learner Stories

Landing a Job as a Supply Chain Data Specialist with DataCamp

Learn how Reggie Piet used DataCamp to develop his Tableau, Power BI, and SQL skills to Landed a Job as a Supply Chain Data Specialist at Aldi
Alena Guzharina's photo

Alena Guzharina

June 2, 2023

DataCamp Donates

Google Developer Student Club IBA Empowers Students to Reach Pakistani Tech Giants With Help From DataCamp Donates

A guest blog post that showcases DataCamp Donates Partner GDSC IBA's rigorous three-stage screening process helped identify candidates who show exceptional passion for data but lack the financial resources to turn their talent into opportunity. Learn how
Nabeel Ahmed's photo

Nabeel Ahmed

February 17, 2023

DataCamp Donates

DataCamp Donates fights climate change: CDP's journey from R to Python

The CDP team provided market-leading environmental data products and services to organizations reporting data on climate change, water security and deforestation.
Judy Howarth's photo

Judy Howarth

September 15, 2022

DataCamp Donates

Empowering 12,000 young Africans with a life-changing DataCamp scholarship

On April 13th, 2022, hundreds of hopeful and inspiring posts of young Africans took social media by storm. All those smiles are the result of their acceptance to the data science scholarship they had just received thanks to DataCamp Donates x Ingressive F
Rayan Elatmani's photo

Rayan Elatmani

July 22, 2022

DataCamp Donates

How a trans activist is using DataCamp to support the Venezuelan LGBTQIA+ community

Michelle Artiles is a trans activist creating a more open Venezuela for all. She was able to get free access to DataCamp through the partnership between DataCamp Donates and Yakera. She is using her skills to teach her community about data science and edu
Michelle Artiles's photo

Michelle Artiles

July 14, 2022

DataCamp Donates

DataCamp Donates is helping grow a new community of young women data scientists in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a new set of data scientists in town! Women in Data Science Costa Rica is fighting high levels of local female unemployment in their country through educational outreach. Read on to discover how university students at the Latin American Uni
Women in Data Science Costa Rica 's photo

Women in Data Science Costa Rica

June 17, 2022

DataCamp Donates

DataCamp Donates Digest Q1 2022

DataCamp Donates very first digest of 2022 shows strong results thanks to an acceleration in the number of partners joining our program. This quarter, we broke records and we hope to reach for even higher achievements for the remainder of the year.
Nathaniel Taylor-Leach's photo

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

Rayan Elatmani's photo

Rayan Elatmani

May 26, 2022

Learner Stories

DataCamp Donates is the Best Way to Transition into a Data Analyst Career

Discover the inspiring story of Amanda Wade, a DataCamp Donates scholarship recipient, through our nonprofit partner BreakLine, who attained a Data Analyst job at Google with no prior experience.
Amanda Wade's photo

Amanda Wade

May 18, 2022