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Giving Away 10,000+ DataCamp Subscriptions to Those Who Need Them Most

We’re partnering with charitable organizations to give away thousands of annual DataCamp subscriptions to people negatively impacted by the ongoing health and economic crises.
Jul 2020  · 6 min read

Times are tough in the wake of COVID-19 and the current economic downturn. Many are looking to upgrade their skills to be more competitive in the job market or transition into new careers entirely. As the best online platform for learning data skills, DataCamp is uniquely able to help individuals navigate skill development opportunities from the safety of their homes. We’re making good on our commitment from May: For every yearly DataCamp subscription purchased during our half-off promo, we’re giving one away to a person in need.

Our mission to democratize data education for everyone

To support DataCamp’s mission of democratizing data skills, we offer affordable monthly and yearly subscriptions to our learning platform, and we’ve provided free data science education to over 300,000 students at no charge with DataCamp for the Classroom. Today, we’re excited to unveil a new initiative to help those financially impacted by COVID-19 or otherwise in need.

Serving communities in need with free DataCamp access

We’ve partnered with several organizations that serve a diverse range of communities and have one thing in common: their members need skills to get jobs and advance their careers during these difficult times. We’re donating annual DataCamp Premium subscriptions to these organizations in support of these communities. This allows us to help people who otherwise may never have known about us while fostering new relationships with organizations that align with our mission of democratizing data skills.

Recipients of free DataCamp subscriptions

Here are just a few of the fantastic organizations that will collectively receive over 10,000 annual DataCamp Premium subscriptions:

Per Scholas is an American nonprofit that drives positive and proven social change in communities across the country. Through rigorous, tuition-free technology training and professional development, Per Scholas prepares motivated and talented adults for careers as IT professionals and creates on-ramps to employers in need of their skills. To date, over 10,000 individuals have enrolled in Per Scholas' training, developing lasting skills and launching successful careers in tech.

Black Girls CODE is spearheading a global movement to establish equal representation in the tech sector. They work with a broad community to convene and empower young girls of color by fortifying their self-confidence, exposing them to unseen possibilities in the digital age, and equipping them with the tools and habits of mind required to become tomorrow’s creators, innovators, and leaders.

LaunchCode is a nonprofit creating economic opportunity by adding new talent to tech ecosystems across the United States. While careers in technology have traditionally been reserved to those who can afford a computer science degree, LaunchCode's programs are free and accessible to motivated individuals who are assessed for passion, drive and aptitude rather than credentials.

Blossom Academy is a talent development organization that recruits and develops African data scientists, with the goal of connecting them with job opportunities. Blossom Academy provides a skills-based curriculum designed in collaboration with industry partners that reflects real-world experience. Training includes building analytical tools to address region-specific business challenges and coaching in critical soft skills.

DataU is Cambodia’s first academy focused on developing both soft and hard skills in the fields of data science, IT in data, and digital marketing to meet global demands. They work with leading organizations in telecommunications, banking, fintech, consumer goods, manufacturing to unlock the power of their data by recruiting, training, and deploying highly-skilled graduates.

Code Louisville and Tech Louisville are workforce training programs of KentuckianaWorks, designed to help adults transition into new careers in technology. Through their unique model of blending online learning, meetups with volunteer technology professionals, and partnering with local government and non-profit institutions, they are able to reach marginalized communities and improve lives through free technology education.

Boldr is a purpose-driven company that exists to help people grow and connect. At the heart of everything they do is a commitment to nurturing positive and measurable growth for their Clients, Company, and Community. Boldr has a sterling reputation of giving back to their community, and with their help, we are able to support the following nonprofits.

Teach for the Philippines works to provide all Filipino children with access to inclusive, excellent, and relevant education. They work with public school teachers who have potential for leadership and develop students to become responsible citizens who can think critically, articulate clearly, and pursue goals. Together with the Department of Education, Teach for the Philippines aims to transform the public school system for the better.

Youth for Women in Technology Inc. (WiTech) is a youth-led non-profit organization that aims to inspire, educate, and empower the youth to break gender barriers and make a difference with science and technology.

Support DataCamp's partnership initiatives

We realize many individuals may benefit from a free year of DataCamp, but we've decided to partner with community development organizations on this giveaway. Consider applying for membership at one of our partner organizations listed above if you meet their eligibility criteria, and let them know you would like access to a free DataCamp subscription. Upon acceptance, you may be placed on a waiting list for a free subscription.

If you know of an organization that would be interested in partnering with us, reach out to [email protected].

Learn more about DataCamp's giveaway initiative in our Help Center.

This article was edited on July 30, 2020 to include additional training partners: Blossom Academy, Boldr, Teach for the Philippines, and WiTech.


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