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Building Data Literacy at Starbucks

Megan Brown, Director of Data Literacy and Knowledge Management at Starbucks, discusses what they have done to forge data culture and data literacy at Starbucks.

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Adel Nehme

May 16, 2022

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Top Power BI Jobs in 2022

June 24, 2022

For Business

Data transformation in the US Air Force: highlights from AFORS

Highlights of data science presentations from the US Air Force Operations Research Symposium.
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Richie Cotton

May 9, 2022

Career Services

5 Places to Host Your Data Science Portfolio

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Hajar Khizou

May 13, 2022

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Javier Canales Luna

May 4, 2022

Data Science

The Weekly Round Up | Episode 4 | PyScript and AI Audio Editing

In this edition of the Weekly Roundup, we cover PyScript - the latest release from Anaconda, a new world speed record for autonomous vehicles, and more.
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Isabella Leslie Miller

May 13, 2022

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Product News

R Tutorials: DataMind Changes Name to DataCamp

DataCamp is the fastest way to learn R and data science. Learn in the comfort of your own browser via R tutorials and challenges.
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Karlijn Willems

January 28, 2014

R programming

R in the Cloud: R-Fiddle, an Online Playground for R code

R -Fiddle is a free and powerful tool to write, run and share R-code inside your browser. Include packages to really run R in the cloud.
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Karlijn Willems

November 20, 2013

R programming

Building DataMind: FREE Online Interactive Learning Platform for R

DataMind is the first free online Interactive Learning Platform for R. Through an in-browser coding environment you can learn R by doing.
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Karlijn Willems

July 11, 2013

R programming

Search R Documentation and Manuals with R documentation

Search R documentation and manuals instantly with the help of RDocumentation.
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Karlijn Willems

June 12, 2013