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We’re Proudly Paying Our Instructors Over $1M This Quarter

DataCamp has hit a new record payout to instructors this quarter. It’s money well spent.
Jul 2020  · 3 min read


I’m pleased to announce that we have achieved a new record: We’ll be paying out over \$1,000,000 to our instructor community in ongoing royalties for their learning content in a single quarter. DataCamp’s top five instructors will each receive an average of more than \$53,000 in royalties while the average revenue share for all instructors this quarter is \$4,520.

This is a new milestone for us and a testament to the quality of our instructors and the content they create. Our community of instructors has grown over the years and hails from all over the world.

World-class DataCamp instructors 

Becoming a DataCamp instructor is no small feat. Our vetting process allows us to maintain the highest standard of instruction for our learners. We select instructors based on their subject matter expertise, coding proficiency, professional experience, and prior teaching experience. These world-class professionals include faculty at prestigious colleges and universities and experts from a wide range of industries.

DataCamp instructors also produce learning content across a wide range of technologies and topics, which allows us to be a comprehensive platform for data skills education. Because of them, our course catalog offers unparalleled breadth and depth. Our most popular courses are in Python, R, and SQL, but we also have courses in Tableau, Power BI, Scala, Excel, Spreadsheets, and conceptual non-coding courses.

We see our revenue-sharing model as a way to support the advancement of the open-source community. Many of our instructors spend their time working on open-source projects—often for no monetary benefit—and our royalties provide passive income for them to keep doing what they’re passionate about. Producing a course or project with us is a one-time investment for instructors, only requiring occasional maintenance to keep the learning materials updated.

Thank you to all DataCamp instructors

We want to give a big thank you to all of our instructors for helping us build the best platform for data education in the world! You make DataCamp the best place to teach and learn every day.

Interested in joining our community of DataCamp instructors?

Do you have what it takes to join our network of over 280 instructors and creators? Take a look at our Course Wishlist. If you spot a course you’d be perfect for, we invite you to apply to become a DataCamp instructor.



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