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Python Developer Salaries in 2024: What to Expect and Tips for Career Growth

Maximize your earning potential as a Python developer with proven strategies, continuous learning tips, and comprehensive career growth insights.
Jul 2024  · 9 min read

The increase in companies embracing tech in their operations has increased the demand for Python developers, who are increasingly playing a crucial role in company operations. Despite this growing demand, various factors still influence developer salaries, including experience, location, industry, and additional skills. 

This article will guide aspiring and current Python developers on what to expect regarding compensation and how to maximize their earning potential. I will also give a detailed comparison of entry-level and senior Python developer salaries. Finally, this article will also assist hiring managers in making informed decisions when crafting compensation packages.

If you want to build your career in tech, understanding the different salary trends is important for better negotiation skills. I encourage you to take the Introduction to Python course to kickstart your career. The Python Cheat Sheet for Beginners will also be useful during your learning.

What is a Python Developer?

Python developers are  software experts who write code for web applications using the Python programming language. They develop, deploy, and maintain applications, ensuring they run smoothly, securely, and can handle growth. Python developers mainly work on the backend, connecting applications with other services and working with frontend developers to create complete web solutions.

This career path is important and continues to grow, offering exciting opportunities for those who pursue it. As demand for Python skills increases, the role of a Python developer becomes even more crucial, making it a promising and dynamic field to enter.

Factors That Affect Python Developer Salaries

Different factors influence Python developer salaries. In no particular order, they include the following:

  • Level of Education: A Python developer with a higher level of education will likely earn more than one with a lower qualification. Developers with Master’s degrees earn more than developers with Bachelor’s degrees. Earning specific certifications related to the role also helps developers negotiate for higher pay.
  • Experience Level: Python developers with more years of experience earn more than juniors or entry-level developers. 
  • Geographic Location: Salaries tend to be higher in regions with high cost of living than in relatively cheap regions. For example, Python developers earn more in New York than in Wyoming.
  • Industry Demand: The type of industry a Python developer works in also determines their salary. For example, the finance and tech industries pay more than non-profit organizations.
  • Specialized Skills: Python developers with additional skills get more salary compensation than those with few specializations. Full-stack Python developers with other skills, such as AI, ML, AWS, and SQL, will attract higher compensation than those without.
  • Company Size and Influence: Python developer salaries are high in big companies with significant influence, such as Google, Meta, and Amazon. The total compensation in these companies is usually higher compared to smaller startups. 
  • Negotiation Skills: Although companies may indicate their base salaries for Python developer roles, proper negotiation skills may determine the salary one could get. These skills are also helpful when settling on working arrangements such as remote, hybrid, or on-site.

Note: The base salary is the total amount an individual receives regularly without additional benefits. However, the total compensation includes the base salary plus other benefits such as bonuses, Paid Time Off (PTO), stock options, and retirement plans.

If you are determined to accelerate your career, then DataCamp’s Python Programming skill track will equip you with the necessary skills for being a Python developer. 

Python Developer Salaries Worldwide

The average Python developer salary differs by country. The difference is mainly due to cost of living differences. Let’s look at the salaries in some of the biggest markets.

Country Average Base Salary Total Compensation
United States $96,063 $120,938
United Kingdom £53,114 £56,877
Canada CA$80,771 CA$86,946
Australia $133,163 $177,704
India ₹5,52,500 ₹6,05,500
Germany €55,000 €60,000
Singapore $77,720 $81,228

Keep in mind, remote work has resulted in salary adjustments for developers working in different locations. On the one hand, an increased talent pool has driven up compensation and pay; on the other hand, hiring managers can find talent in lower-cost-of-living areas.

Python Developer Salaries in the US

Different job boards display different salaries based on the information submitted by users but, taken together, we get a clear picture of the range. 

According to Indeed, the average total salary for a Python developer in the US is $129,588, based on 1,300 reported salaries. Similarly, ZipRecruiter posted the average total salary for an entry-level Python developer as $121,932. Glassdoor, although it has only 28 reported salaries, comes up with a similar number: It reports the average total compensation for a Python developer in the United States as $120,938, with an average base salary of $88,368. Based on the above salaries, we trust the info from Indeed as it has the highest number of verified Python developer salaries.

It is not often easy to move to a new location for work, but with the rise in remote work, new opportunities are available for people with good skills. As an experienced professional, I encourage you to take the Python Fundamentals course to skill up because upskilling would be really important for salary negotiation.

Best-paying cities for Python developers

If you reside in a high-cost-of-living city, you will likely receive a higher salary than someone in a more affordable city. According to Indeed, below are the top 9 cities offering high salaries for Python developers in the US.

City Total Pay
New York, NY $135,689
Chicago, IL $133,567
Jersey City, NJ $132,411
Houston, TX $130,032
Providence, RI $129,710
Charlotte, NC $126,355
Austin, TX $126,211
Columbus, OH $119,828
Dallas, TX $118,966

The table above shows the average annual salaries a Python developer would receive if living in those cities. You can clearly see Texas has 3 cities in the top 9 highest-paying cities in the US. Emerging tech hubs in Texas, particularly Austin, attract many qualified individuals. These companies include Dell, Apple, Oracle, Tesla, and IBM. The emergence of these tech hubs demands more Python developers, resulting in high, competitive salaries in these cities.

Python Developer Salaries by Experience Level

As you already know, a Python developer's experience level significantly determines their pay. Broadly speaking, they can be categorized as entry-level, mid-level, or senior-level developers.

Experience Level Total Salary
Entry-level Python developer $116,842
Mid-level Python developer $137,395
Senior Python Developer $177,704

Some organizations use more nuanced titles, such as a Lead Python Developer, to designate additional layers of responsibility. Usually, these titles come with a commensurate increase in pay, but sometimes small-sized companies may offer a high title in exchange for compensation. This is part of why negotiation is important, which we will review later. 

Learning new skills and gaining experience as you progress in your career is important for a Python developer. I highly recommend the Python Developer track to help you shape your career.

Skilled Python developers may segue into other, more specialized roles, depending on their expertise.These roles include the following:

  • Python Backend Developer: The backend developer is responsible for building and maintaining the server-logic side of an application or program
  • Python AI Developer: The AI developer specializes in building artificial intelligence (AI) models using Python.
  • AWS Python Developer: The AWS Python developer builds and maintains Python programs and software on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.
  • Full Stack Python Developer: A full stack Python developer builds and maintains the application's server-logic and client side using Python. The developer may also integrate other skills, including HTML/CSS, SQL, Flask, and Django.
  • Python Django Developer: The developer builds and maintains applications and programs using Django as the main framework.
Role Total Salary in the United States
Python backend developer $161,295
Python AI developer $135,719
AWS Python developer $130,444
Full stack Python developer $123,327
Python Django developer $118,714

Please note, these salaries refer to Python developers in the United States.

It’s well-known that people change careers sometimes to increase their earning potential. There are many ways to progress a career, and DataCamp is here to help. 

If you are interested in Django and web development, learn more with our Django Web Development in Python tutorial. If you are interested in Amazon Web Services and other cloud technologies, consider our Introduction to AWS Boto in Python course which will teach you how to integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) into your data workflow. Finally, if you are interested in full stack data engineering, watch our Full Stack Data Engineering with Python code-along. 

Tips for Maximizing Earning Potential

If you are a Python developer, you might be considering how to progress in your career. Below are practical examples of how to achieve high earning potential.

  • Continuous Learning and Upskilling: The developer role involves continuous upskilling to stay afloat with emerging trends and technologies and solve problems. Thus, staying updated on the latest tech stacks and earning certifications to prove your skills to employers is important. DataCamp offers a full Python Developer career track that is sure to help you build a comprehensive set of skills and stand out to employers.
  • Salary Negotiation: Although most organizations advertise their base salaries during job advertisements, it is important to research current market rates to gain better negotiating leverage. To negotiate for higher salaries, you should always highlight your skills and the contribution you would bring to the company.
  • Networking and Leveraging Industry Connections: One of the best ways to maximize earning potential is by improving your network of professionals. Consider connecting through social networks and attending physical meetings and hackathons to build your network. 


Understanding Python developer salaries and the factors influencing them is crucial for both job seekers and hiring managers. By staying informed about industry trends, continuously learning new skills, and effectively negotiating your salary, you can maximize your earning potential and advance your career. 

Choose to elevate your career by taking DataCamp courses tailored to your dream job. As you keep learning, search through our blog to stay updated on industry trends and salaries relevant to your skills. You can also search through DataCamp Python courses to stay updated with the latest tools.

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