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Python Fundamentals

Are you ready to gain the foundational skills you need to become a Python programmer? In this track, you'll learn the Python basics you need to start on your programming journey, including how to clean real-world data ready for analysis, use data visualization libraries, and even how to write your own Python functions. Your instructor Hugo will introduce you to how companies worldwide use Python to gain a competitive edge. Through hands-on coding exercises you’ll then learn how to store, manipulate, and explore data using NumPy. Then it’s time to level-up as you learn how to visualize your data using Matplotlib, manipulate DataFrames and dictionaries using pandas, and write your own functions and list comprehension. Start this track to add these essential Python skills to your data science toolbox.

  • Python
  • 15 hours
  • 4 courses
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Introduction to Python

Master the basics of data analysis in Python. Expand your skillset by learning scientific computing with numpy.

4 hours
Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Data Scientist at DataCamp


Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Data Scientist at DataCamp

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