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Python Programming

In this track, you’ll learn how to code like a real programmer. You'll begin by learning how to leverage built-in modules and functions to efficiently optimize your code. Next, you’ll get hands-on as you learn how to write functions following best practices, such as how to write documentation and use context managers and decorators. As your skills develop, you’ll then gain an understanding of software engineering concepts, including modularity, documentation, and automated testing, before diving in to learn unit-testing skills like debugging code, Test Driven Development (TDD), and using fixtures and mocking. Along the way, you'll use packages like pandas, NumPy, setuptools, pytest, and pycodestyle. By the end of the track, you'll be using your object-oriented programming (OOP) skills to read, reuse, and maintain your code. Start this track to continue on your Python programming journey.

  • Python
  • 24 hours
  • 6 courses
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Writing Efficient Python Code

Learn to write efficient code that executes quickly and allocates resources skillfully to avoid unnecessary overhead.

4 hours
Logan Thomas

Senior Data Scientist at Protection Engineering Consultants


Logan Thomas

Senior Data Scientist at Protection Engineering Consultants

Leonidas Souliotis

PhD @ University of Warwick

Shayne Miel

Director of Software Engineering @ American Efficient

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