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We’re Making DataCamp Free For ALL High School Teachers and Their Students

Jun 2021  · 1 min read

In support of Data Science 4 Everyone, we first gave DataCamp away for free to US high school teachers and their students. Today, we’re committing to expanding DataCamp for Classrooms eligibility to high school teachers and students in countries all over the world by August 1, 2022, starting with the UK and Belgium. And, of course, we will still continue to support the over 100,000 college/university professors and students currently learning for free with DataCamp for Classrooms.

Click here to apply to DataCamp for Classrooms. If you believe you are eligible and have any trouble applying, please reach out to, and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.



Teachers & Students Get Premium DataCamp Free Their Entire Academic Careers

No hacks, no tricks. Students and teachers, read on to learn how to get the data education that’s rightfully yours for free.
Nathaniel Taylor-Leach's photo

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

4 min


High school teachers and their students now have free access to DataCamp for Classrooms

On this Teachers’ Day, we salute the brave heroes educating the next generation and celebrate the 500,000 teachers and students who received DataCamp for Classrooms scholarships to date.
Jonathan Cornelissen's photo

Jonathan Cornelissen

4 min


DataCamp for Classrooms is Now Free to Belgian Secondary School Teachers and Students

Happy 5th Birthday, DataCamp for Classrooms! We’re celebrating by expanding free, unlimited access to data education to the country where DataCamp was founded, with more countries being added soon!
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Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

3 min


Why We Decided to Give Up 10% of Our Revenue

Since 2016, we've provided free data science education to 900,000+ students through over 37,000+ DataCamp Classrooms created by teachers in 13,000+ schools in 180+ countries.
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Martijn Theuwissen

4 min


DataCamp for Classrooms is Now Free to Polish Secondary School Teachers and Students

New milestone alert! We’re bringing DataCamp for Classrooms to secondary schools in Poland. Apply today to join the 700,000 teachers and students worldwide who have learned on DataCamp for free!
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Rayan Elatmani

5 min


Announcing Free Week Redux

All of DataCamp is completely free to everyone—again. Because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to become data literate safely at home.
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DataCamp Team

2 min

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