Measure the impact of online training

Easily visualize your team's online data skills development

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DataCamp's dashboards provide you with an unparalleled view of how your team’s skills are growing.

Clear progress reports provide you with an at a glance view of where your company stands.

Understand how quickly your team is adopting DataCamp and the content they are engaging with the most.

Benchmarks reports help you see how your team compares and adjust your strategies accordingly.

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Track your team’s growth and progress

Visualize the most popular technology and content areas, find out how your team’s skills are growing, and see how you are moving toward your learning goals.

User adoption funnel UI

Report on usage at the team and organizational level

Access immediate insights into your team and organization’s learning progress. The leaderboard provides a learning snapshot over the past month, quarter, and year. You can also export this data for a more detailed overview of your learner’s most popular courses.

Dashboard leaderboard UI
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Demonstrate your learning and development ROI

DataCamp’s Advanced Enterprise Reporting gives you the tools you need to accurately report on the value and effectiveness of your online learning—including time on platform, the courses your learners have engaged with the most, and your team’s skill development over time.

Flow of value between groups and DataCamp
Enterprise Only

Measure adoption and engagement

Simple adoption and engagement reports make it easy to share insights into your organization's implementation of DataCamp—from how many members you've invited to how many have taken action and started learning.

Dashboard with engagement score

“I wish I had Advanced Enterprise Reporting in every LMS. I could enter certain internal marketing campaigns, and assess adoption improvement using the Adoption Funnel.”

Head of Training and Talent at an International Government Agency

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Cover of Why 89% of Companies are Prioritizing Data Fluency

Why 89% of Companies are Prioritizing Data Fluency

Leverage DataCamp Signal to accurately evaluate data skills across your company.

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  • Admin dashboard
  • Basic reporting
  • Assign user roles and permissions
  • Live chat for admin support

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