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Building a Stand-out Data Scientist Resume [Ultimate Guide]

Learn how to stand out with your resume and the dos and don'ts for an impressive resume. How to clear the ATS systems and get to interview. Learn how best to present your resume as a fresher, as an associate or a senior.

Elena Kosourova

January 5, 2022

Career Services

How to break into data science

Looking to break into data science? Find out how to get started on your data science journey and what types of opportunities are available today.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

November 24, 2021

Khuyen Tran's photo

Khuyen Tran

October 29, 2021

Career Services

How Financial Analysts can start leveraging data skills

In this article, we will look at 4 data science use cases financial analysts can start leveraging today to supplement their subject matter expertise.

Luis D'Introno

August 30, 2021

Life at DataCamp

How DataCamp’s Certification is helping learners land their dream jobs

After training on DataCamp and successfully getting certified as professional data scientists, see how Peter and Sebastian landed roles in their target industries through DataCamp’s help.

Olivia van Aalst

August 16, 2021

Life at DataCamp

DataCamp’s Professional Data Scientist Certification Program

By certifying job readiness for data roles, we’re helping learners progress from learning to earning and we’re helping employers find and recognize the data talent they need.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

July 6, 2021

DataCamp Donates

How a Nonprofit Leveraged DataCamp to Get Learners Employed, Fast

Our partnership with LaunchCode is getting real people real jobs.
Nathaniel Taylor-Leach's photo

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

March 19, 2021

Life at DataCamp

New Year, New LinkedIn Cover Image

Is your New Year’s resolution to land a data role or get to the next level in your career? Tell the world that you’re a data enthusiast by updating your LinkedIn cover image.
Joyce Chiu's photo

Joyce Chiu

January 7, 2021