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Keep up to date with the latest news, techniques, and resources for Python programming. Our blog is full of practical articles & use cases you can use to upskill.
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How Open Source is Driving the Future of Data Science

Open-source software is driving data democratization and closing technical skills gaps.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

February 18, 2021


How to Learn pandas

Here’s all you need to know to get started with pandas.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

December 9, 2020


Python vs R for Data Science: Which Should You Learn?

This guide will help you answer one of the most frequently asked questions of newcomers in data science and help you choose between R and Python.
Javier Canales Luna 's photo

Javier Canales Luna

December 28, 2022


TV, Halftime Shows, and the Big Game

Uncover insights about football's biggest game of the year in the age of TV and extravagant halftime shows in DataCamp's newest Project.
David Venturi's photo

David Venturi

January 29, 2019


Why Scientists Should Use Python for Scientific Computing

Discover the scope of Python for research, why scientists should use Python for scientific computing and how the Python community can effectively aid scientific research.
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Hugo Bowne-Anderson

November 7, 2017


IPython Or Jupyter?

A discussion of the evolution of and some of the key differences between IPython and Jupyter.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

May 11, 2017