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DataFramed AI Series: Navigating the Generative AI Revolution

Find out about DataCamp's upcoming podcast series focussing on the power of ChatGPT and generative AI.
May 2023  · 3 min read

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The rapid evolution of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, has caused a seismic shift in many industries. The potential for transformative use cases, productivity improvements, and innovation is extraordinary, but only achievable with a strategic approach. To thrive in this new era, one needs to understand which problems AI can solve independently and which require a blend of human and AI capabilities. Integrating AI into existing processes, or even starting anew, is crucial to success, and being aware of the challenges and risks associated with AI adoption is essential.

To help you navigate the path to AI success, we're releasing a four-episode special series of the DataFramed podcast covering key topics in generative AI. This blog post provides an overview of what you can expect from each episode.

Episode 1: ChatGPT and the OpenAI Developer Ecosystem

In the first episode, Logan Kilpatrick, a Developer Advocate at OpenAI, takes us on a deep dive into OpenAI's models and tools. With hot tips on GPT-4, plugins, and embeddings, Logan will provide essential tips for data scientists looking to harness the power of generative AI.

Episode 2: How Organizations can Leverage ChatGPT

The second episode focuses on generative AI in the enterprise. Noelle Silver Russell, the Global AI & Generative AI Solutions Lead at Accenture, shares her insights on safely incorporating generative AI within an organization. Learn how to balance innovation and security, and explore strategies for implementing AI solutions that align with your business objectives.

Episode 3: GPT and Generative AI for Data Teams

In the third episode, Sarah Schlobohm, the Head of AI at Kubrick Group, discusses the intricacies of incorporating AI within data teams. Topics covered include upskilling, productivity, and communication. Sarah's expertise will help data professionals understand how to integrate generative AI effectively into their daily work, maximizing the potential benefits and minimizing the risks.

Episode 4: Building AI Products with ChatGPT

In the final episode, Joaquin Marques, the founder and Principal AI Architect at Kanayma, covers ideas on what to build with AI, the details of how to build AI products, and how ChatGPT is making chatbots better. Joaquin has been working in AI since 1983 and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the space. Listen in for guidance on how to build AI into your own company's products.

Tune in

The four-episode DataFramed AI Series offers valuable insights into the world of generative AI, providing a comprehensive guide for professionals looking to capitalize on this revolutionary technology. Tune in to the first episode and join us on this journey as we explore the transformative potential of generative AI, and how you can successfully harness its power.

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