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Free DataCamp for your Classroom

Announcing: DataCamp for the classroom, a new free plan for Academics.

We want to support every student that wants to learn Data Science. That is why, as of today, professors/teachers/TA’s/… can give their students 6 months of FREE access to the full DataCamp course curriculum when used in the classroom.


Request your free classroom today.


Now, what is the added value of using DataCamp for your classrom? Here's a list of the benefits for students as well as instructors:

1) Learning Data Science: Student Benefits

When you set up your DataCamp for the classroom account, each student will automatically have full access to the entire course curriculum (>250 hours). This includes access to premium courses such as:


In addition, students can participate in leaderboards and private discussion forums with their fellow classmates. 

2) Teaching Data Science: Professor/Instructors/Teacher/... Benefits

Via DataCamp for the classroom, the instructor has access to all our handy group features: 

  • Progress Tracking: Track each of your student’s progress in detail. You can see for example how many XP points they have gained, the number of courses completed and total chapters finished.



  • Assignments & Deadlines: Save yourself time via automated grading. Automatically set homework using assignment and deadlines throughout the semester. 



  • Export Data: Get all of your student’s data via the export functionality. See in depth how active students are on DataCamp, when they started and completed chapters, and use this data to make your own analysis.



3) Get Started

Get started with DataCamp for the classroom and join professors from Duke University, Notre-Dame, Harvard, University College London, UC Berkeley and much more, in learning data science by doing with DataCamp.