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Data Science Tutorials

Develop your data science skills with tutorials in our blog. We cover everything from intricate data visualizations in Tableau to version control features in Git.
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Machine Learning

Kaggle Competition Tutorial: Machine Learning from the Titanic

Prepare for your first Kaggle Competition with this step-by-step tutorial.

Çağlar Uslu

March 8, 2022

Data Science

Time Series Forecasting Tutorial

A detailed guide to time series forecasting. Learn to use python and supporting frameworks. Learn about the statistical modelling involved.
Moez Ali's photo

Moez Ali

February 23, 2022


Mastering PyCharm Tutorial

The data scientist's comprehensive guide to mastering PyCharm
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

February 17, 2022

Emiko Sano

January 25, 2022


Python Tutorial: Streamlit

This tutorial about Streamlit is meant to help Data scientists or machine learning engineers who are not web developers and they're not interested in spending weeks learning to use these frameworks to build web apps.
Nadia mhadhbi's photo

Nadia mhadhbi

December 21, 2021