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Find extra resources to help upskill you and/or your team. Read all about data literacy, what it is, & how to better achieve it to think critically about your data.
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Data Science

Florence Nightingale: Pioneer of Data Visualization

Did you know that data visualization has origins in military healthcare reforms? In this blog post, we discuss how the famous nurse Florence Nightingale used charts to demonstrate her life-saving work to her target audience.

DataCamp Team

October 7, 2021

Shaun Edmond's photo

Shaun Edmond

October 7, 2021


Beyond the Language Wars: R & Python for the Modern Data Scientist

In this episode of DataFramed, we speak with Rick Scavetta and Boyan Angelov about their new book, Python and R for the Modern Data Scientist: The Best of Both Worlds, and how it dawns the start of a new bilingual data science community.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

September 6, 2021


The Path to Building Data Cultures

Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal, Regional Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Allianz Benelux, discusses the importance of building data cultures and his experiences operationalizing data culture transformation programs.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

July 12, 2021

Data Literacy

How to Build a Winning Data Team

Your organization is generating countless data points, and this data hides many actionable insights that can improve your company’s performance. Learn how to build a winning data-driven team that leverages the right data science skills.

Kevin Babitz

July 1, 2021

Life at DataCamp

Why Data Culture Matters

This blog post summarizes how and why data culture is a variable in any successful analytics endeavor, the meaning of data culture, and how it is an extension of organizational habits.

Luis D'Introno

June 24, 2021

Life at DataCamp

How DataCamp Is Helping Me Learn Data Science for Free

A young DataCamp Donates scholarship recipient from Nepal shares her experience spending the last year learning.
Anshu Adhikari's photo

Anshu Adhikari

June 15, 2021