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FT Ranking: DataCamp recognized as one of The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022

DataCamp grew by over 400% in the past three years, making it the second fastest growing education company, and the 167th fastest growing company in North and South America.
Apr 2022  · 3 min read

FT Ranking: DataCamp recognized as one of The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2022

For the second consecutive year, DataCamp has been named one of the Americas’ fastest growing companies. The Financial Time (FT) and Statista, Inc, the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider, present this honor to companies with the highest compound annual revenue growth between 2017 and 2020. You can find the full list of companies that grew fast enough to be featured in The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022 on the FT’s website.

DataCamp’s CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Cornelissen, credits DataCamp’s success to the increased demand for data-literate roles and innovation with the DataCamp platform:

"I’m very proud to see DataCamp on the Financial Times’ list. Working with data is now as essential as being able to send an email, and we’re thrilled to see more learners discovering our platform for the first time to grow their skills in everything from basic data literacy to Power BI and Tableau.”

Jonathan CornelissenDataCamp CEO and co-founder

DataCamp has grown to serve more than 10 million members and over 2,500 companies, helping them bridge the gap between learning and doing with our new cloud-based IDE, Workspace. Jonathan added:

“With the addition of Workspace, Certification, and DataCamp Jobs, we can help more people develop and showcase their skills to take the next step in their careers. Being recognized for a second year is a testament to the hard work of everyone at DataCamp!”

What’s coming in 2022?

We’re not stopping here. In addition to seeking a third consecutive placement on this prestigious ranking, in 2022, we will grow our training catalog to bring you new Power BI and Tableau courses, MLOps, and add a new technology in Julia. We’re also making Workspace the ultimate notebook for analyzing data in-browser and launching our new DataCamp Jobs platform.

Whether you’re upskilling, reskilling, looking for a job, or looking to hire exceptional data talent. DataCamp can help you succeed in 2022. Register for our upcoming roadmap webinar to see our new training, Workspace, and DataCamp Jobs platform in action.

Join our growing team

DataCamp is on a mission to empower the world’s data professionals. If you’re passionate about transforming the way people around the globe use data, you love collaborating, and value transparency, join us!

DataCamp is the second-fastest growing education company in the Americas 2022

About DataCamp

We’re the leader in data science education. Our interactive and self-paced learning, expert instructors, and innovative data solutions set us apart. We’ve helped over 10 million learners and over 2,500 organizations become more data-literate—and we’re just getting started. 

Visit our careers page to find out where you fit in!


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