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Get Free Access to DataCamp Through April 30th

It’s Free Week on DataCamp. Join us and get a taste of what DataCamp has to offer.
Apr 2021  · 2 min read

For the latest Free Week & XP Challenge details, please see our latest Free Week x XP Challenge blog post.

The past year has been incredibly difficult, and that’s a big understatement. But one of the silver linings is the shift to digital work—and that includes online training and education.

To accelerate their digital transformation, many organizations have started using DataCamp for Business to improve data literacy across teams. Individuals who have been laid off from their jobs due to COVID have used their skills learned on DataCamp to land new jobs in data science and analytics. Through DataCamp Donates, our partner communities have allocated free DataCamp subscriptions to learners in over 60 countries. And many schools and universities have used DataCamp for Classrooms to supplement their online education programs at no cost.

DataCamp’s mission is data democratization. That’s why from April 22 to 30, we’re hosting a Free Week, opening up access to our entire platform to anyone and everyone who wants to try DataCamp for free. (The first chapter of all of our courses is always free.) You can take as many courses, projects, and assessments as you want—and we won’t even ask for your credit card number. There’s no catch. All you need is an email address to get started.

Our first Free Week was last May, and we hosted another one in September. We saw hundreds of thousands of learners join us to learn new skills to further their careers.

DataCamp Free Week Access


Get a Free Week of Access to DataCamp

Enjoy unlimited FREE access to DataCamp’s courses and resources from 18th to 24th July.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

10 min


Get a Free Week of Access and Join the XP Challenge

Get a free week of DataCamp Premium access and compete for the chance to win up to $3000. The more you learn, the more you might earn!
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Matt Crabtree

8 min


Free Access Week | Nov 6 – Nov 12

Access DataCamp's entire platform for free, including all 450+ courses, for an entire week. No catch, no credit card required—just unlimited learning for anyone with internet access.
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Will Rix

5 min


Announcing Free Week Redux

All of DataCamp is completely free to everyone—again. Because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to become data literate safely at home.
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DataCamp Team

2 min


Teachers & Students Get Premium DataCamp Free Their Entire Academic Careers

No hacks, no tricks. Students and teachers, read on to learn how to get the data education that’s rightfully yours for free.
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Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

4 min

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