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Rookie Data Scientist Mistake - Not Connecting to Your Community

Karlijn Willems,
September 29, 2016 min read
Discover why and how Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) can jumpstart your data science career


(Guest post by Sheamus McGovern of ODSC)

If you are just getting started or thinking about a data science career, there’s a good probability you are making a rookie mistake.

Most beginners think professional data science conferences are only for those well established in their data science career. Not true. A conference is an excellent way to jumpstart your career.

How? Here are a few reasons;

  • Not a data scientist? - Not a problem. Many conferences offer a host of introductory level workshops and talks.
  • You learn at warp speed - attending talks and workshops is not like normal course work that plods along.  At an average two-day conference you can attend up to 14 talks and workshops and the knowledge you gain will be invaluable.
  • Data science is a vast field - Chances are you will specialize in one area. However conferences are a great way to see what's going on in other areas of data science from stats, NLP, big data, to AI, and machine learning and deep learning.
  • Data science is hard - most talks and workshops offer you insights that you will never find in books online.
  • No pretenders - conferences are very careful who speaks at their events. Speakers are the best and brightest in the data science field.
  • Connections - conferences are a great way to make connections that will help you solve your next problem, find you next project or even land you first or next job. Most conferences provide ample opportunity to network.
  • It’s applied - many conferences focus on applied talks so it is not just about the models but also how these models are for everything, from powering driverless cars and predicting what music you like to help end human trafficking.


There are several conferences you can attend that offer these benefits... Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) in London on October 8th and 9th is one of them.

Why attend?

  • It’s affordable - ODSC was founded to benefit the data science community.  We also run many free meetups and hackathons. Making money is not a priority. Giving you access to a highly professional conference at an affordable price is.
  • You will learn an incredible amount -  over two intensely packed days you will have access to 50 talks, 20 workshops and tutorials on the tools, topics, and trends that matter most in data science.
  • The best minds - ODSC only accepts the best and brightest data scientists to speak at our events and the insights, tips, and techniques you’ll learn are invaluable
  • Connections, connections -  we will connect you with peers, speakers, and companies that matter to your project and your career by providing multiple networking opportunities.
  • It’s broad - topics include a range of data science topics and tools from R, and Python, to machine learning / deep learning, big data science, text analytics, and more
  • It’s for everyone - ODSC is not just for the experts. If you are just a beginner, software engineer or just interested in data science, ODSC has ample introductory and intermediate level talks and workshops to get you started.


We’re now expecting more than 1,000 data scientists, software engineers, ML//DL experts, CTO’s, and others for 2 full days of training, learning and networking with some of the top names in data science at ODSC in London. We hope to see you there too.

The conference is just a few days away, and tickets are nearly sold out. Use discount code: ODSC-DCAMP for an extra 40% OFF our already low prices.

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See you in London,

ODSC London Team

Join 1,000 of your peers at Open Data Science Conference in London Oct. 8-9. Use code: ODSC-DCAMP for extra 40% Off.

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