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The Complete List of DataCamp Tutorials

Looking for a DataCamp tutorial? You've come to the right place
Feb 2022  · 20 min read

Psql Commands: 10 Command-line Utilities in PostgreSQL
15 Questions All R Users Have About Plots
Data Science and Analysis Tutorials | DataCamp
15 Easy Solutions To Your Data Frame Problems In R
18 Most Common Python List Questions | Learn Python
Machine Learning and NLP using R
Guide to Active Learning in Machine Learning (ML)
AdaBoost Classifier Algorithms using Python Sklearn Tutorial
R NLP & Machine Learning: Lyric Analysis
Absolute and Weighted Frequency of Words in Text
How to Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply in Spreadsheets
Aggregate Functions in SQL
Altair in Python Tutorial: Data Visualizations
Web Scraping Using Python Beautiful Soup: How to Scrape Data from Amazon Tutorial
Algorithm Time Complexity & Asymptotic Notation
Apache Spark in Python with PySpark
Command Line Argument Parsing in Python
Apache Spark Tutorial: Machine Learning
Asyncio Tutorial For Beginners
Autocorrelation with R afc
Keras Autoencodoers in Python: Tutorial & Examples for Convolutional & Denoising Autoencoders
Autoencoder as a Classifier Tutorial
Arrays in R: Tutorial for Creating & Indexing Arrays using R
Automated Machine Learning with Auto-Keras
AWS EC2 for Beginners
Basic Programming Skills in R
FUNCTIONS and METHODS in Scala Tutorial (The Basics)
Beginner's Guide to Google's Vision API in Python
Beginner's Guide to Scala
Beginners Guide to SQLite
Beginner's Guide to PostgreSQL
Bivariate Distribution Heatmaps in R
R Bootstrap Statistics & Confidence Intervals (CI) Tutorial
Box Plot in R Tutorial
Python Chatterbot: How to Make a Chatbot using Python
Comparison of BI and Analytics Platforms
Building Data Pipelines using R
PostgreSQL CASE Statements & Examples using WHEN-THEN, if-else and switch
Handling Categorical Data in Python Tutorial
R Network Analysis: Centrality Measures
Chi-square Test & Formula in Excel
Lowercase in Python Tutorial
Cluster Analysis in Tableau
Python Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) with TensorFlow Tutorial
Building Blockchains in R
Conditional Functions in Spreadsheets
Learn Confusion Matrix in R
Conditionals and Control Flow in R Tutorial
Contingency Analysis using R
R Contingency Tables Tutorial: Matrix Examples of 2x2 & 2x3 Tables
Cleaning Data in SQL
Pandas String to datetime Objects Tutorial
R List: Create a List in R with list()
Conditional Formatting in Spreadsheets
CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) in Python
Introduction to Cyclical Learning Rates
Convolutional Neural Networks in Python
Data Frames in R
Data Preparation with pandas
Data Reshaping in R Tutorial
Data Science Cartoons: a Top Seven List by DataCamp
The Data Science Industry: Who Does What (Infographic)
Python Data Structures with Primitive & Non-Primitive Examples
data.table R Package Cheat Sheet
Python IDE Tutorial: The Top 5 Python IDEs for Data Science
A data.table R tutorial by DataCamp: intro to DT[i, j, by]
R Data Types & Structures
Data Visualization with Power BI
Tableau Data Visualization & Reporting Tutorial
Data Wrangling with INDEX-MATCH in Spreadsheets
R Highcharter for Highcharts Data Visualization
Data Wrangling with VLOOKUP in Spreadsheets
Datasets from Images
DBSCAN: Macroscopic Investigation Python
Python Decision Tree Classification Tutorial: Scikit-Learn DecisionTreeClassifier
R Decision Trees Tutorial: Examples & Code in R for Regression & Classification
Python Decorators Tutorial: What is a Decorator?
Demystifying Crucial Statistics in Python
Demystifying Mathematical Concepts for Deep Learning
Python Dictionaries Tutorial: The Definitive Guide
Python LSI/LSA (Latent Semantic Indexing/Analysis)
Python Docstrings Tutorial : Examples & Format for Pydoc, Numpy, Sphinx Doc Strings
Detect Anomalies with Anomalize in R
Documenting Python Code: How to Guide
if…elif…else in Python Tutorial
Overview of Encoding Methodologies
Decimal Comma or Decimal Point? A googleVis Visualization
Ensemble Learning with Python Sklearn
Ensemble Models: Machine Learning with R
Diving Deep with Imbalanced Data
How to Execute Python/R in SQL
Essentials of Linear Regression in Python
Exception Handling in Python: Catch and Handle Errors with valueerror, try except, typeerror, & raise in Python
Web Scraping and Parsing Data in R | Exploring H-1b Data Pt. 1
Python Exploratory Data Analysis Tutorial
Exploring H-1B Data with R
f-string Formatting in Python Tutorial
Exploring H-1B Data with R: Part 2
Face Detection with Python using OpenCV Tutorial
Deploying Facebook Chatbots with Python
ggplot Facets in R using facet_wrap, facet_grid, & geom_bar
Factor Levels in R
Factors in R Tutorial
Boruta Feature Selection in R
Feature Engineering with Kaggle Tutorial
Feature Selection Tutorial in Python Sklearn
FFTrees Tutorial For Beginners
Python for Finance Tutorial: Algorithmic Trading
Reconstructing Fingerprint Images
for loop in Python Tutorial
Five Tips to Improve Your R Code
For Loops in Python Tutorial: How to iterate over Pandas DataFrame
For Loops in R
Fuzzy String Matching in Python Tutorial
A Tutorial on Using Functions in R! (and their scoping)
Python Functions: How to Call & Write Functions
GLM in R: Generalized Linear Model Tutorial
Python Code to Generate Synthetic & Random Dataset with Trumania
Python Geospatial Analysis: GeoPandas & Shapely Geo Data Analysis Tutorial
Generative Adversarial Networks Tutorial
GIT Push and Pull Tutorial
Getting Started with Spreadsheets
GIT SETUP: The Definitive Guide
Setting Up Google Cloud For Data Science
Graphs in Spreadsheets
Graphics with ggplot2 Tutorial
GFLASSO: Graph-Guided Fused LASSO in R
SQL GROUP BY & HAVING Clauses Tutorial
Tkinter Tutorial: Python GUI Programming & How Use Tkinter to Make GUI Windows
Introduction to H2O AutoML
PyCaret Tutorial: A beginner's guide for automating ML workflows using PyCaret
Hacking Date Functions in SQLite
Hierarchical Clustering in R: Dendrograms with hclust
Matplotlib Histogram Python: Find pyplot & plt.hist() Examples & Code
SQL Server Installation: How to Setup & Install SQL
Hypothesis Testing in Machine Learning
How to Install and Use Homebrew
Become a Data Scientist in 8 Steps: The Infographic
Overview of Atom IDE
IF ELSE in Scala
Implementing Neural Style Transfer Using TensorFlow 2.0
Tutorial IF ELSE Function in R
Pandas Read JSON & HTML Data: Import Data with Python DataFrames
Importing Data Into R - Part Two
Python Nested & Inner Classes
Insert Into SQL Tutorial
How to Install R on Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Tutorial
Install Pyspark on Windows, Mac & Linux
How to Install Anaconda on Mac OS X
Installing Anaconda on Windows Tutorial
How to Download & Setup Install Jupyter Notebook using Pip & Anaconda
Installing PostgreSQL on Windows and Mac OS X
Introduction to Data frames in R
Introduction to Bioconductor
Introduction to the Where Clause in SQL
Python RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Analysis for Customer Segmentation
Ordering and Subsetting Factors
Introduction to Machine Learning in Python
Introduction to MongoDB and Python
Python t-SNE with Matplotlib
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
Intro to Factor Analysis in Python with Sklearn Tutorial
Introduction to SQL Joins
Inventory Model Simulation with Spreadsheets
Introduction to Indexing in SQL
Investigating Tensors with PyTorch
Jinja2 Templates for Jupyter Notebooks
Python JSON: Python List, Tuple, String to JSON Tutorial
Pandas Joining DataFrames Tutorial
K-Means Clustering with scikit-learn
KNN Classification Tutorial using Sklearn Python
K-Means Clustering in R with Step by Step Code Examples
Kaggle Tutorial: EDA & Machine Learning
Kaggle Tutorial: Your First ML Model
LDA2vec Topic Modelling
keras: Deep Learning in R
Deduce the Number of Layers and Neurons for ANN
Python Dash & Plotly for Dashboards
Learn Data Science - Infographic
Linear Programming with Spreadsheets
Python Lists Tutorial
R Linear Regression Tutorial: lm Function in R with Code Examples
Logging in Python Tutorial
Python Loops Tutorial: For & While Loop Examples
Logistic Regression in R Tutorial
Machine Learning & Deep Learning
Python LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory Network) for Stock Predictions
Detecting True & Deceptive Hotel Reviews
R Long to Wide & Wide to Long: Convert & Reshape Data
Turning Machine Learning Models into APIs with Python Flask
How to Make a Histogram with Basic R Tutorial
Python Machine Learning: Scikit-Learn Tutorial
How to Make a Histogram with ggplot2
Machine Learning in R for beginners
Python HTTP Request Tutorial: Get & Post HTTP & JSON Requests
Scrapy Python: How to Make Web Crawler in Python
Managing Databases in PostgreSQL
How to Make a Histogram with ggvis in R
Jupyter Notebook Markdown Tutorial
R Market Basket Analysis using Apriori Examples
Markov Analysis in Spreadsheets Tutorial
Markov Chain Analysis in R
Markov Chains in Python with Model Examples
Python Matplotlib 3D Visualization with Volumetric Data
Materialized Views in PostgreSQL
MATPLOTLIB Tutorial: PYTHON Plotting
MeetUp API
Similar Names with Matrix Factorization
Matrices in R Tutorial
Merging Datasets in R
Python Modules: What are and How to Import Modules in Python?
Machine Learning Black Friday Dataset
Naive Bayes Classifier Tutorial: with Python Scikit-learn
Pandas & Numpy Moving Average & Exponential Moving Average Tutorial
Python NetworkX for Graph Optimization Tutorial
ANN (Artificial Neural Network) Models in R: Code & Examples on How to Build Your NN
Random Number Generator Using Numpy Tutorial
Object Detection Tutorial with SSD & Faster RCNN
Operators in Scala
Using ORDER BY Keyword in SQL
MySQL in Python Tutorial : Getting Started
R Documentation and R Manuals Rankings: the RDocumentation Poster
Pandas Add Column Tutorial
Pandas Apply Tutorial for Python DataFrames
How To Drop Columns in Pandas Tutorial
Pandas Drop Duplicates Tutorial
5 Tips To Write Idiomatic Pandas Code
Pandas read_csv() Tutorial: Importing Data
Pandas DataFrame Multi Index & Groupby Tutorial
Pandas Sort Values Tutorial
pandas Tutorial for Beginners
Pandas DataFrame Groupby & Split-Apply-Combine Strategy for Data Analysis
pandas to CSV
Hyperparameter Optimization & Tuning for Machine Learning (ML)
Pandas Tutorial: DataFrames in Python
Python Pickle Tutorial with plk
PEP-8: Python Naming Conventions & Code Standards
R PCA Tutorial (Principal Component Analysis)
Pipes in R Tutorial: %>% with magrittr
PCH in R Tutorial
PIP Python Tutorial: Definitive Guide
Predicting H-1B Visa Applications
Predicting & Analyzing Employee Turnover Rate in Python
Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning
Using Python to Power Spreadsheets
Preprocessing in Data Science (Part 2)
Preprocessing in Data Science (Part 3)
Python PCA Tutorial: Principal Component Analysis with Sklearn
Probability Distributions in Python Tutorial
Python Property vs. Getters & Setters
Preprocessing in Data Science (Part 1)
Introduction to Python IDLE Tutorial
Python Arrays: Examples of How to Create & Print Arrays using Python Numpy
Python Tutorial for Beginners | DataCamp
Python Count Tutorial
Python Concatenate Strings Tutorial
Exploratory Data Analysis Tutorial: Data Profiling
Python Datetime Tutorial
Data Type Conversion in Python Tutorial
Python Classes Tutorial
Python For Data Science - A Cheat Sheet For Beginners
Python Developer Set-up
Python Dictionaries Tutorial
Python Dictionary Comprehension Tutorial
Intro to Python for Spreadsheet Users
Python Global Interpreter Lock Tutorial
Install Pip: How to Install and What is Python Pip?
Python Dictionary Tutorial
Python Iterator Tutorial
Python lambda Tutorial
Python List Comprehension Tutorial
Python Descriptors Tutorial
Python List Functions & Methods Tutorial
Python Excel Tutorial: Your Definitive Guide with Pandas & openpyxl
Python List Index Function
Python .append() and .extend() Methods Tutorial
Python Meta Class Tutorial with Examples
Python Operators
IF, ELIF, ELSE Python Tutorial
Python Classes: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Tutorial with Code Examples
Python Print() Function: How to use Print Statement with Examples
Python Range() Function Tutorial
Python Probability Tutorial: Poker Hands
Renaming Columns in a Pandas DataFrame Tutorial
Python Regular Expression Tutorial with RE Library Examples
Scipy Tutorial: Vectors and Arrays (Linear Algebra)
Statistics with Python & 40+ Resources For Statistical Analysis
Python Pandas Select Columns Tutorial
Python String Contains Tutorial with .find(), .index() & .count()
Python String format() Tutorial
Python String Tutorial
String Split in Python Tutorial
Tuples in Python Tutorial
Python time.sleep() Function
Python String Replace Tutorial
Python Tuples Tutorial: Create & Use Tuples Functions with Examples
Python While Loops Tutorial
Python XML Tutorial: Element Tree Parse & Read
Python zipfile: Zip, Extract, Read & Create Zip Files
XGboost Python Tutorial: Sklearn Regression Classifier with Code Examples
Working with Spreadsheets in SQL
Python Word Clouds Tutorial: How to Create a Word Cloud
Web Scraping using Python
Web Scraping & NLP in Python
Django Tutorial: Python Web Development
Visualize Missing Data with VIM Package
SQL Views (Virtual Tables): What are Views in SQL?
Python Venv (Virtual Environment) with Pipenv
Variables in Scala
Definitive Guide: Variables in R Tutorial
Utilities in R Tutorial
Using TensorFlow 2.0 to Compose Music Tutorial
What is SQL? Tutorial
Leveraging the best of both Python and R
Understanding Recursive Functions in Python
User Defined Stored Procedures in SQL
Model Predictions with LIME
Usage of Asterisks in Python
Unit Testing in Python Tutorial
Type Checking in Python Tutorial
Python Logistic Regression Tutorial with Sklearn & Scikit
Time series Forecasting tutorial
Regularization Tutorial: Ridge, Lasso & Elastic Net Regression
SQL tutorial for beginners
Using Python BeautifulSoup
Using PostgreSQL in Python
A Loops in R Tutorial- Usage and Alternatives
Mastering PyCharm Tutorial
Machine Learning, Pipelines, Deployment and MLOps Tutorial
Learning Curves Tutorial: What are Learning Curves?
Machine Learning Basics - The Norms
Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods
Kaggle Competition Tutorial: Machine Learning from the Titanic
Kaggle Datasets Tutorial: Kaggle Notebooks
Gradient Descent Tutorial
How to use Jupyter Notebook Tutorial
Recurrent Neural Network Tutorial (RNN)
Python Details on Correlation Tutorial
Deep Learning Tutorial
Data Cleaning Tutorial
Transfer Learning: A Beginner's Guide
Cloudera Hadoop Tutorial
TPOT in Python
Towards Preventing Overfitting
10 Popular & Best R Packages for Data Science & Analysis
Time Series Analysis using R
Time Series Analysis with Spreadsheets Tutorial
Best Python IDEs (Interactive Development Environment)
Google Colab Tutorial for Data Scientists
Python Time Series Analysis: Analyze Google Trend Data with Pandas
Tidyverse Soccer Score Analysis
Tidyverse Exploratory Analysis
Tidy Analysis of Pew Research Data Using R
Definitive Guide: Threading in Python Tutorial
NLTK Sentiment Analysis Tutorial: Text Mining & Analysis in Python
TensorFlow Tutorial For Beginners
TensorBoard Tutorial: Run Examples & Use Logdir
Ten TensorFlow 2.0 Updates that are Important
TensorFlow 2.0 Case Study
Introduction to the Tidyverse: Tutorial
Creating Tableau Visualizations Using AirBnB Dataset Tutorial
Scikit-learn SVM Tutorial with Python (Support Vector Machines)
Survival Analysis in R: Kaplan Meier & Cox Proportional Models Tutorial
Support Vector Machines in R Tutorial
Supercharge Your Subqueries
Python Multiple Inheritance & super() init
Subsetting Datasets in R
R Subsetting Tutorial: How to Subset & Select DataFrame Rows & Columns in R
Strings in R Tutorial
Stocks, Significance Testing & p-Hacking
Recommendation System for Streaming Platforms Tutorial
Python Tutorial: Streamlit
Stemming and Lemmatization in Python
What Is the Best Statistical Programming Language? Infographic
Python Probability & Statistics Tutorial with Poker Cards
R SQLite Database Tutorial
SQLite in Python
SQL with PowerBI
SQL Tutorial: How To Write Better Querie
SQL & Tableau Tutorial for Custom Queries and Connections
Joins in SQL Tutorial
SQL Interface within JupyterLab
SQL Database Overview Tutorial
Introduction to the ALTER TABLE Statement in SQL
SQL Tutorial for Beginners | DataCamp
SQL: Reporting and Analysis
Spreadsheets with Tableau
Sorting in Python Tutorial
Social Network Analysis & Mapping in Python with NetworkX
Python Sentiment Analysis Tutorial
How to Setup a Data Science Environment
Python Sets Tutorial: Set Operations & Sets vs Lists
Tidy Sentiment Analysis in R
Data Science for Search Engine Marketing
Bash Shell Commands Examples for Files & Data
Sorting in R using order() Tutorial
Scraping Reddit with Python and BeautifulSoup 4
Python Seaborn Tutorial For Beginners
Short R tutorial: Scraping Javascript Generated Data with R
Scikit-Learn Tutorial: Baseball Analytic
Scikit-Learn Tutorial: Baseball Analytics in Python Pt 1
Detecting & Classifying Fake News with Python Sklearn
Scala Traits
Lists in Scala
Scala Classes and Objects
Running Python Scripts Tutorial from Command Line
Underscore in Python Tutorial : What is the purpose and meaning of _ & __
Python Variable Scope with Local & Non-local Examples
Estimating COVID-19's 𝑅𝑡 in Real-Time (Replicating in R) Tutorial
Using Regular Expressions to Clean Strings
Reconstructing Brain MRI Images
Rebuilding Bloomberg's News Trends in R
Python Recommender Systems: Content Based & Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Engines
Python Read & Write to Files: Learn How to Open, Load, Read & Save Data & Binary Files in Python
Read & Edit PDF & Doc Files in Python
Sklearn Random Forest Classifiers in Python Tutorial
R Web Scraping: R rvest Tutorial
Reading and Importing Excel Files into R Tutorial
Algorithmic Trading in R Tutorial
Infographic Python vs. R for Data Analysis?
R tutorial on the Apply family of functions
R Packages Tutorial: How to Download & Install Packages
R Classes & Objects with S3 & S4
R Formula Tutorial: Syntax & Functions using lm, glm, & facet_warp
This R Data Import Tutorial Is Everything You Need
Quadrant Analysis in Tableau

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