Episode 9

Data Science and Online Experiments at Etsy (with Emily Robinson)

February 12th, 2018
statistical modeling

Discover how data science and online experiments impact business and decision making at Etsy.

About Emily Robinson

Emily works as a Data Analyst at Etsy with their search team to design, implement, and analyze experiments on the ranking algorithm, UI changes, and new features. In summer 2016, she completed Metis’s three-month, full-time Data Science Bootcamp, where she did several data science projects, ranging from using random forests to predict successful projects on DonorsChoose.org to building an application in R Shiny that helps data science freelancers find their best-fit jobs. Before Metis, she graduated in June from INSEAD with a Master’s degree in Management (specialization in Organizational Behavior). She also earned her bachelor’s degree from Rice University in Decision Sciences, an interdisciplinary major she designed that focused on understanding how people behave and make decisions.