Data Science Cartoons: a top seven list by DataCamp

To give this years April Fools' day a more analytical touch, we decided last week do a little poll on internet cartoons. We asked our friends and colleagues to select their favourite Data Science Cartoons on the web, and organized a voting session to construct a top 5 list. (You can always share your own favourites in the comments.) We proudly present you the winners of the April Fools' 2014 Data Science Cartoons awards:

Number One: The Cloud 

Data Science Cartoons

Number Two: A Study on Statistics

Data Science Cartoons

Number Three: Pacman Statistics


Number Four: Dilbert One


Number Five: Haloween Statistics


Number Six: Dilbert Two


Number Seven: XKCD Correlation


Disqualified for the competition, but still one of the most funny data science cartoons:

big data

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