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Data Analysis Tutorials

Get insights on the latest tools & methods that you can use to analyze your data more effectively. Our data analysis tutorials will help you develop your skills.

Reducing Rework as a SQL Data Analyst

In this tutorial, you will learn how to maximize your time in SQL to become more productive.

Michael Ritchie

January 28, 2019


Understanding Recursive Functions in Python

In this tutorial, learn about the different aspects of recursive functions and implement a recursive function in Python from scratch.
Sayak Paul's photo

Sayak Paul

December 19, 2018

Data Analysis

Comparison of BI and Analytics Platforms

In this tutorial, you will learn about different factors that are taken into consideration before choosing your Analytics Platform both at the organization and individual level.
Nishant Singh's photo

Nishant Singh

November 26, 2018


Introduction to Geospatial Data in Python

In this tutorial, you will use geospatial data to plot the path of Hurricane Florence from August 30th to September 18th.
Duong Vu's photo

Duong Vu

April 6, 2023

R Programming

Time Series Analysis using R: Tutorial

Learn Time Series Analysis with R along with using a package in R for forecasting to fit the real-time series to match the optimal model.

Salin Kc

October 18, 2018


Python Decorators Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn how to implement decorators in Python.
Derrick Mwiti's photo

Derrick Mwiti

October 16, 2018


Supercharge Your Subqueries

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create subqueries in SQL to better analyze and report data.
Hillary Green-Lerman's photo

Hillary Green-Lerman

October 15, 2018


Using PostgreSQL in Python

Discover how to create, connect to and manage PostgreSQL databases using Python’s psycopg2 package.
Javier Canales Luna's photo

Javier Canales Luna

March 31, 2023

R Programming

Contingency Analysis using R

In this tutorial, you'll learn with the help of an example how "Contingency Analysis" or "Chi-square test of independence" works and also how efficiently we can perform it using R.
Vedabrata Basu's photo

Vedabrata Basu

October 5, 2018