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Data Science Tutorials

Develop your data science skills with tutorials in our blog. We cover everything from intricate data visualizations in Tableau to version control features in Git.
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Machine Learning

Introduction to H2O AutoML

In this tutorial, you will learn about H2O and have a glimpse of its autoML functionality.

Nishant Singh

December 11, 2018


Naive Bayes Classification Tutorial using Scikit-learn

Learn how to build and evaluate a Naive Bayes Classifier using Python's Scikit-learn package.
Abid Ali Awan's photo

Abid Ali Awan

Avinash Navlani's photo

Avinash Navlani

March 3, 2023


Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

In this tutorial, you'll learn the basic concepts and terminologies of reinforcement learning. At the end of the tutorial, we'll discuss the epsilon-greedy algorithm for applying reinforcement learning based solutions.
Anubhav Singh's photo

Anubhav Singh

November 30, 2018


Working with Zip Files in Python

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to work with Zip Files in Python using the zipfile module. zipfile is a Python built-in module.
Hafeezul Kareem Shaik's photo

Hafeezul Kareem Shaik

November 29, 2018

Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning with Auto-Keras

Learn about automated machine learning and how it can be done with auto-keras.
Sayak Paul's photo

Sayak Paul

November 28, 2018

Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning in Python

In this tutorial, you will be introduced to the world of Machine Learning (ML) with Python. To understand ML practically, you will be using a well-known machine learning algorithm called K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) with Python.
Aditya Sharma's photo

Aditya Sharma

November 27, 2018

R Programming

A Loops in R Tutorial - Usage and Alternatives

A tutorial on loops in R that looks at the constructs available in R for looping. Discover alternatives using R's vectorization feature.
Carlo Fanara's photo

Carlo Fanara

January 30, 2023