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Join Our Movement to Democratize Data Education

We’ve added five fantastic organizations to our growing list of partners—they’re helping us to democratize data science education.
Aug 2020  · 4 min read

It’s been less than a month since we first announced the details of our free subscription giveaway, and in that time, we’ve substantially expanded our circle of nonprofit partners. Our employees are thrilled that organizations around the world are taking advantage of a free year of DataCamp.

We still have many more subscriptions to donate. Across the world, many disadvantaged communities exist in massive technology gaps where there is less access to tech education than the technologies themselves. If you belong to such a community, we want to help you achieve data literacy as a stepping stone to the career of your dreams. We believe that data education is a basic human right, and we invite you to join us!

Please contact us at [email protected] with referrals to nonprofit organizations that are best suited to help your local community of aspiring data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers. If you work for such an organization, reach out to us to explore a partnership. We have a limited number of licenses to give away, and they’re going fast. Please read our FAQ for more details.

Our newest partners

Here are the stellar organizations that have recently joined us:

BeCode is a Belgian network of inclusive coding bootcamps offering the opportunity for motivated people far away from employment (refugees, school dropouts, long-time unemployed) to start a promising career in the digital workforce. They aim to help bridge the gap between motivated job seekers and the employer market, by using the shortage of digital skills as a lever for a more inclusive workforce. They currently train people in Web Development, AI/Data Science and Cybersecurity (DevSecOps).

Connections to Success inspires families to realize their dreams and achieve economic independence by providing hope, resources, and a plan. They provide a comprehensive network of services and support to help people living in poverty become economically self-sufficient. Their model, with lifelong engagement at its core, integrates workforce readiness training, life coaching, healthy parenting/relationship training, education/skills training and employment services to help participants set and reach their goals.

Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is a registered non-profit organization with a vision to build a world-class Artificial Intelligence knowledge, research and innovation ecosystem that delivers high impact and transformational research, business use applications, AI-first start-ups, employability and social good use cases; such that in 10 years, Nigeria will become one of the top 10 AI talent/knowledge destinations with 20% GDP multiplier impact.

The Malaysian Actuarial Student Association (MASA) strives to unite actuarial science students across Malaysia and empower them to be technically capable, equipped with industrial awareness and actively involved in the actuarial industry. They provide educational, industrial, and networking support to their student members.

The mission of Partners in Development (PID) is to provide tools so individuals born into extreme poverty can have a way out. By providing education, economic advancement, adequate housing, and primary medical care, they help change the lives of families and the future of their children. After 30 years of development history, they know that there are many talented people with no way to learn or compete in the Global Market. They are happy to partner with DataCamp in bringing both education and economic development to their programs in Haiti, Guatemala, Mississippi and Peru.

10 Academy enables exceptionally talented young Africans to have an outsized impact on the world. 10 Academy does this by collecting and certifying information on the advanced digital skill and career potential of platform users, and using this information to place talented young Africans into jobs, at scale.

And a huge “thank you” to our continuing partners:

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