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Introducing Our New DataCamp Certification Advisory Panel

DataCamp welcomes the members of our first Certification Advisory Panel. The advisors will join us in ensuring our data certifications are reflective of current industry standards.

Vicky Kennedy

September 19, 2022

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What is Business Analytics? Everything You Need to Know

September 30, 2022


What is Python Used For? A Guide for Beginners

Ever wondered how Python is used in the real world? Check out 7 practical uses for this powerful programming language.
Elena Kosourova 's photo

Elena Kosourova

July 7, 2022

Machine Learning

The Top 24 Machine Learning Interview Questions

Abid Ali Awan's photo

Abid Ali Awan

September 9, 2022

Data Literacy

Data Demystified: What Exactly is Data?

Welcome to Data Demystified! A blog-series breaking down key concepts everyone should know about in data. In the first entry of the series, we’ll answer the most basic question of them all, what exactly is data?
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Richie Cotton

September 1, 2022

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R Programming

Quandl Tutorial: Learn to Use Quandl in R

Quandl lets you rapidly search 8 million ready-to-use data sets in numerical data. Learn how to use it in R with the free Quandl Tutorial.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

March 3, 2014

R Programming

Interactive R Courses: Free Finance and Data Science Courses

DataCamp offers free online interactive R courses to on Data Analysis and Statistical Inference and Introduction to Computational Finance.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

February 19, 2014

Product News

R Tutorials: DataMind Changes Name to DataCamp

DataCamp is the fastest way to learn R and data science. Learn in the comfort of your own browser via R tutorials and challenges.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

January 28, 2014

R Programming

R in the Cloud: R-Fiddle, an Online Playground for R code

R -Fiddle is a free and powerful tool to write, run and share R-code inside your browser. Include packages to really run R in the cloud.
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Karlijn Willems

November 20, 2013

R Programming

Building DataMind: FREE Online Interactive Learning Platform for R

DataMind is the first free online Interactive Learning Platform for R. Through an in-browser coding environment you can learn R by doing.
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Karlijn Willems

July 11, 2013

R Programming

Search R Documentation and Manuals with R documentation

Search R documentation and manuals instantly with the help of RDocumentation.
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Karlijn Willems

June 12, 2013