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R Tutorials, DataCamp, and the New Look of Learning R

Learn everything on the new DataCamp design, and navigate between 60 hours of interactive R tutorials to continue your data science career.
Apr 2014  · 2 min read

Now that we have reached the milestone of 30,000 (!) enthusiastic R students, and that the DataCamp platform is paving its way into academics and professional organizations, we felt that it was time to take our design to a higher level. So as of this week, your favourite free learning platform for R tutorials and data science will have a totally new look and feel!

You will immediately notice a cleaner, lighter design that is centred around the individual student and his progress. Once logged in, you can now easily navigate between 60 hours of free interactive R content, be updated on our latest R learning materials, and continue your own study path with just one-click. Under the hood we still run good ol' R in the cloud, supported by a portfolio of other open-source software llke AngularJS and NodeJS.

Some of the main improvements are:

    • A completely redesigned learning environment. Now a student can easily navigate between exercises and chapters within the same view. So (s)he can finish a complete course without leaving the learning environment.
    • A more prominent place for the different gamification elements. This way, a student's journey is spiced up with rewards and social sharing.

This new design is only part of a bigger movement. Over the upcoming weeks and months we will release more R candy such as short screencasts, an updated version of our submission correctness tests, and of course new interactive R tutorials.

We hope that you will enjoy it!

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