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Revolution R Enterprise Tutorial: Free 8h Interactive Tutorial on Big Data Analytics

With this Revolution R Enterprise tutorial you will learn how to handle large datasets, and how to manipulate, visualize and analyze big datasets.
Dec 2014  · 3 min read

In need for better ways to handle large data sets? Interested in manipulating, visualizing, and analysing large datasets with RevoScaleR? Then make sure to have a look at this free hands-on Revolution R Enterprise tutorial on Big Data Analytics by Revolution Analytics and DataCamp. Everything takes place in the online interactive learning interface of DataCamp, so no need to do any installations. We’ve set-up the Revolution R Enterprise (RRE) software in the cloud, allowing you to explore the power of Revolution R Enterprise and big data analytics in the comfort of your own browser via a live R environment.

revolution r enterprise tutorial

No hassle, just learning. All the material is presented by short videos and slides to explain major elements. In order to consolidate your learning, every section ends with interactive exercises that let you practice the covered concepts while giving you tailored feedback. Like all DataCamp tutorials and courses, this is a stand-alone tutorial that can be taken wherever you want, whenever you want. You have unlimited access to videos, slides and related content.

Course content

This interactive tutorial on Big Data Analytics (>8hours of material) gets you started with RRE and the RevoScaleR package, and is ideal for accomplished R users and data analysts that want to experience the functionality of Revolution R Enterprise. Learn how to use RRE to process, visualize, and model terabyte-class data sets at a fraction of the time of legacy products without requiring expensive or specialised hardware. This free Revolution R Enterprise enterprise tutorial covers:

  • The RevoScaleR package that ships with Revolution R Enterprise, and how it deals with Big Data challenges.
  • How to summarize, cross-tabulate and visualise variables in large data sets.
  • How to manipulate and transform large data sets.
  • Building statistical and machine learning models on large data sets.

This is just the first of many other Revolution Analtyics courses that will follow. New courses such as fundamentals of the R programming language, Introductory Statistics with Revolution R Enterprise, Predictive Modeling, and Advanced R Programming, are already in development.

Stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to give feedback on the current course!

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