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New Course: Intro to Python Programming Course for Data Science

February 2nd, 2016 in Python

Python is one of the most established general-purpose programming languages within the data science community. For this reason adding python to your toolbox will boost your versatility and bring you closer to becoming a true data scientist, and DataCamp's new Intro to Python from Data Science tutorial is the perfect way of doing so.

At DataCamp we focus on preparing you to become a data scientist. This means that the Intro to Python for Data Science tuorial teaches you the fundamentals of python programing all in the context of data science, keeping you focused on the essentials. You will learn through a series of insightful tutorial videos and programing challenges all within the comfort of your browser. And it’s free! (You also get a certificate that you can share in your professional and social networks to show of your new skills)

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What you’ll learn

As a result of the course you will gain a working familiarity with python, and perfectly set yourself up for becoming a true Python programming wizard. The course covers the following essential introductory topics:

  • How to navigate the Python Interface
  • Doing simple Calculations in Python
  • Variables & Types
  • Python Lists
  • List Manipulations
  • Functions
  • Methods
  • How to Import Packages
  • The Numpy Package
  • Numby Arrays
  • Basic Statistics in Python

Take the course now and begin your path towards mastering Python and becoming a versatile data scientist!


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