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New course: Data Visualization in R with lattice

June 14th, 2017 in R Programming

Hello, R users! Today we're launching Data Visualization in R with lattice by Deepayan Sarkar, the creator of the lattice package.

Visualization is an essential component of interactive data analysis in R. Traditional (base) graphics is powerful, but limited in its ability to deal with multivariate data. Trellis graphics is the natural successor to traditional graphics, extending its simple philosophy to gracefully handle common multivariable data visualization tasks. This course introduces the lattice package, which implements Trellis graphics for R, and illustrates its basic use.

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Data Visualization in R with lattice features interactive exercises that combine high-quality video, in-browser coding, and gamification for an engaging learning experience that will make you a master in data visualization with lattice!

What you'll learn

You'll start off with an introduction to some basic plotting functions in lattice. Draw histograms, scatter plots, density plots, and box and whisker plots.

Chapter 2 will teach you to create "conditioned" plots consisting of multiple panels using the formula interface.

You'll then learn how to control and customize axis limits and visual appearance in chapter 3.

Chapter 4 will cover how to use panel and prepanel functions to enhance existing displays or create new ones.

Finally, you'll see that the lattice package is not just meant to be used as a standalone collection of plotting functions. Rather, it is a framework that is used as a base by many other packages. Some of these are very specialized and beyond the scope of this course. In chapter 5, we give a brief survey of extensions that are generally useful to enhance displays or create new ones.

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