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How Workspace empowers learners’ personal development

Learn how Workspace is becoming the go-to tool for our learners to apply their data science skills and enhance their career opportunities.
Sep 2021  · 3 min read

For this blog post, we sat down with three learners to understand how using Workspace has benefited their learning journeys and helped them advance their career prospects.

The perfect upskilling environment

Muhammad Salman is a behavioral science practitioner in Singapore who has been using Datacamp as a way to upskill in data analysis with R.

After getting started with DataCamp out of an interest in AI, he realized along the way that his interests aligned better with R. Using DataCamp, He made the switch and has been diligently practicing since the start of the year, completing a total of 15 courses!

Muhammad used Workspace as a tool to continue his learning journey and apply his newly acquired data skills.

The ideal personal development environment

Nathan, a product manager at edX, started using DataCamp in early 2017. Back then, he used it as a means to discover Python and analytics and completed over 15 courses and data science career tracks!

Once Workspace was released, he started to use it as a portfolio with a two-fold purpose: First, to be able to connect all the things he’s learned as practice, and second, to build a learner record of all his courses and work completed that can be viewed on his profile. He continues to explain that the primary goal was to create an artifact of his thinking—“what I can” versus “what I cannot.”

The idea of Workspace for Nathan was not just knowledge acquisition, but retention and practice. This is seen in his Workspace publication on Airbnb in New York based on a dataset from Kaggle, which felt close to home given he was in the process of booking a honeymoon. It’s the little things like that that can make practicing and applying your skills even more worthwhile.

Workspace was the ideal tool for me to really push the limits of my data science learnings. - Nathan

Nathan is going to be starting his Masters in Applied Data Science this fall at the University of Michigan. He accredits DataCamp for helping him get accepted and we can’t wait to see the amazing things he is going to accomplish!

The convenient online coding tool

Ray started with a pharmaceutical background but aims to diversify into data science. To do so, he enrolled in a graduate degree program at UC Boulder to kickstart his career.

Ray is primarily using Workspace as a tool to build out his portfolio for career development purposes. He used his skills to publish a wide array of insights, ranging from an analysis on global health and wealth to dice games. Ray has been using Workspace as his go-to-tool to practice and apply his code.

The unique value proposition that Workspace provides, like the cloud-based coding environment with no installation, is what Ray finds the most enticing:

What I enjoy most about Workspace is that I can almost have a bit of a pseudo-cloud set up where I can... log onto single-point and continue (working). - Ray

Interested in finding out how Workspace can improve your learning journey? Get started with Workspace today!

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