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DrivenData Water Pumps Challenge


Interested in starting to put your data science skills to work in order to solve some of the world's biggest social challenges? DrivenData provides that opportunity by hosting challenges where data scientists compete to come up with the best statistical model for difficult predictive problems that make a difference. In this practice R challenge, you will be predicting which water pumps throughout Tanzania are functional, which need some repairs, and which do not work at all based on a number of variables. A smart understanding of which waterpoints will fail can improve maintenance operations and ensure that clean, potable water is available to communities across Tanzania.

Intro to DrivenData Water Pumps

In this first chapter, you will be introduced to DataCamp's interactive interface and the DrivenData Water Pumps data set. You will then evaluate the structure of the data by visualizing some the data's important features.

Predict and Measure

In this chapter we will use a common machine learning technique to make and evaluate predictions.