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How to work with Quandl in R

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Open Course Description

Quandl offers millions of free and open financial, economic, and social datasets. In this tutorial you will learn how to effortlessly pull any of Quandl's data into R.

Chapter One: Importing Quandl Datasets

In this chapter you learn how to import datasets from Quandl into R. You will look at how to search through the Quandl database both online and in R.

Chapter Two: Manipulating Quandl Datasets

In this chapter you will learn how to make use of the different parameters to modify the Quandl datasets you load in.

Quandl offers free and unlimited access to 8 million time-series datasets from 400 sources spanning finance, economics, society, health, energy, demography & more.

Use our search engine to find the data you need; then get that data in any format you want, via instant download, our API, or any of 12 packages that talk directly to Quandl.