Episode 16

Data Nerdism at Large (with Mara Averick)

April 2nd, 2018
data visualization

Mara Averick, self-labelled data nerd and Tidyverse developer advocate at RStudio, speaks with Hugo about all things data: what it means to be a data nerd and how data science impacts all of our lives from thinking about toxicology to sports analytics to data for social good and civic tech.

About Mara Averick

Mara (better known as @dataandme) is the RStudio tidyverse developer advocate. She got into R by way of a long-time obsession with the NBA and (fantasy) basketball. When not catering to the every whim of her dogs, she can be found: hunting down weird words; indulging her bibliomania; and/or quantifying, visualizing, and watching Archer.

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