Tech Thoughts

Learn how DataCamp ported their mobile application to the web and achieved high levels of code reuse.


Keeping codebases consistent ensures an easy understanding of abstractions, without having to switch contexts between different coding styles.
Where do you keep separate classes for domain logic when you want to develop an object-oriented web app?
Probably no one writes perfect code at first attempt. This post presents some tools that will help you to catch issues early.
Automating the setup of your applications is a good investment. This post will show you why.
Learn more about how setting up a feedback loop from your tests so that you can follow the proper Test Driven Development (TDD) workflow!
Communication is an important skill for programmers, but this usually doesn't show in commit messages like “fix bug”. This post will show you how to write good commit messages.
In this article, you'll learn more about dealing with side effects in Redux and how DataCamp integrates side effects in an isomorphic app, created to do server-side rendering.