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DataCamp's New Year's Resolutions for 2018

At DataCamp, we have made a few resolutions of our own for 2018! Watch co-founder and CEO Jonathan Cornelissen go over our new year's resolutions.
Jan 2018  · 2 min read

DataCamp's New Year's Resolutions: Transcript

Hi everyone

My name is Jonathan. I'm one of the founders and the CEO of DataCamp. At DataCamp, we're working very hard to build the smartest data science education platform out there, and with so many people making resolutions for the new year, we thought it was only right for DataCamp to make a few resolutions of its own.

Resolution 1: make learning on DataCamp even more engaging

In 2017, we launched Practice Mode to help you practice your skills. We launched Projects to help you apply these skills on real-world data science problems. But we also know that engagement and motivation is key to your learning experience. So, in 2018, expect more fun product features from us and a new way of learning on your mobile phone.

Resolution 2: build more content

In 2017, our course library grew to over 100 courses. In 2018, expect the course library to grow to over 200 courses. We already launched courses on SQL, Shell, Git,... But there's more on the horizon. Even expect courses on proprietary tools in 2018.

Resolution 3: make DataCamp for Business better

We know a lot of you are learning on DataCamp to get better at your job and to get ahead. That's why we want to make sure teams and businesses can get more out of DataCamp in 2018.

Resolution 4: hire a lot more talented people

It's been an incredible year for us.

In 2017, the team grew from 21 to 50 people.

And I'm excited that we'll be able to grow the team by 30 more in 2018. It's really special to work with so many talented people every single day.

If you are interested in having an impact on the future of education.
If you like to take ownership, and if you are just really good at what you do... Have a look at our open positions on or send us an e-mail at [email protected].

Have a fantastic 2018 everyone!

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