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Data Science Competitions

Sharpen your skills by solving real‑world problems

Apply the concepts you learned to real-life scenarios—from fraud detection to customer segmentation—to hone your data science skills and win prizes up to $500 in value.

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Get real-world experience

Work on real-life data analytics projects including choice modeling, forecasting, customer segmentation, supply chain analytics, and more.

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Go from data to insights in seconds

With DataCamp Workspace, you can create a data science notebook with ready-to-share analyses without having to set up a data tool.

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Build your data science portfolio

Add your analyses to your profile to create a shareable portfolio of your work.

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What can you win?

Prizes will be distributed to the top five entries based on the following judging criteria: Clarity & Quality of Recommendations, Storytelling, Visualizations, Public upvotes. Learn more here.

$500 gift card or donation to a charitable cause of your choice
$400 gift card or donation to a charitable cause of your choice
$300 gift card or donation to a charitable cause of your choice
$200 gift card or donation to a charitable cause of your choice
$200 gift card or donation to a charitable cause of your choice

Ready for the challenge?

Check out our active competitions.

Reducing the number of high fatality accidents

In this challenge, you are asked to analyze trends and patterns of highway crash fatality and recommend interventions that could lower the number of deaths. This is an open-ended challenge intended to test your ability to transform existing data into actionable insights.


The dataset provides detailed road safety data about the circumstances of personal injury road accidents in GB from 1979, the types of vehicles involved, and the consequential casualties.


  1. Determine risk factors that influence the occurrence time of traffic accidents.
  2. Identify characteristics that stand out in serious accidents compared with other accidents.
  3. Recommend areas of focus to reduce serious accidents.
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To participate in this competition you need to create and publish your most insightful analysis using Workspace, our in-browser IDE. Once you’ve submitted your publication, it will be reviewed by fellow data enthusiasts and the judging panel.

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Put your skills to the test with real-world challenges and get a chance to win prizes

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