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Data Science Competitions

Grow your data science skills by solving real-world problems

  • Apply your knowledge to real-life scenarios
  • Discover best problem-solving practices
  • Build a portfolio of shareable data science work
  • Gain recognition and earn cash rewards
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Designed for beginners and advanced learners alike, our data science competitions help test your knowledge and get hands-on data science experience.

Here's how it works

Join a competition

We publish new competitions every week—enroll in one to get started.

Submit your publication

Complete your analysis in DataLab and submit it for peer review and voting.

Explore other solutions

Upon submission, you’ll be able to review and upvote submissions from other participants.

Win prizes

Win cash prizes with new competitions every week.

Find a competition that matches your interests

From fraud detection to customer segmentation, demonstrate and hone your skills by solving problems from various industries.

What makes DataCamp Competitions different?

Get real-world experience

All competitions are designed to mirror the real-world challenges of data analysts and data scientists.

Example of a word cloud

Go from data to insights in seconds

With DataLab, you can create a data science notebook with ready-to-share analyses without having to set up a data tool.

Screenshot of data analysis insights

Compete against a diverse network of professionals

Discover best practices, get feedback on your work, and advance your skills.

Screenshot of competition participants

Build your data science portfolio

Add your analyses to your profile to create a shareable portfolio of your work.

Screenshot of a DataCamp Data Science Portfolio


Put your skills to the test with real-world challenges and get a chance to win prizes

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